Saturday, May 28, 2011

Quaffles 2 & 3

Good morning, Gryffs! My sincere apologies for not posting Quaffle 2 earlier, but sometimes life happens! Anyhow, yesterday was the deadline for Quaffle 3, the Animal Crackers Hat. I'm amazed at some of the projects submitted, but before I showcase some AMAZING work, here's the current score!

Unofficial counts indicate that in Match #1, Gryffindor came in 3rd, dropping to 4th in Match #2, and springing back to 3rd for Match #3.  My unofficial observation is that we are SO far behind Slytherin and Hufflepuff that we really need to step it up in Match #4 and the Horcrux/Hallows event!  (Okay, seriously.  Hufflepuff could actually win the Quidditch Cup this term, if they keep at it like they've been doing!)  I added up all current unofficial scores:  1st is Hufflepuff, followed by Slytherin, and Gryffindor in 3rd followed by Ravenclaw.

In Quaffle 2, Gryffindor paired off with Hufflepuff to craft illusion discloths or amigurumi. Here are a few of my favorite Quaffles!

m8land came through with an adorable little dragon:

ShaylaMyst made such a tiny dragon!  It's quintessentially Gryff.  :D

HermioneWeasley swooped in with a nicely done Hallows Illusion Cloth!

Mauri had a great photo of her Snowy Owl!

Green and white were great choices for RayOLR's Illusion Owl cloth.

Hale flew in with an eye-popping Chinese Fireball!

RiverCameron came in with a very Gryffindor Hallows.

I'm in love with CherrySprinkle's little knitting dragon!

Isn't kamilasol's fire-sneezing dragon adorable?

In the 3rd Quaffle Match, we were paired with Ravenclaw and challenged to knit or crochet Ron's Animal Crackers Hat from the movie. Look what a great job everyone did!

m8land's uber-colourful hat caught my attention:

derrickdoll's hat was quite colour correct!

Former Slytherin Jinxsa used only 3 colours and did it brilliantly!

frick's hat was perfect - it could have been used in the movie!

Few people chose to make the crochet version, but StarKnits did, and isn't it amazing?

The Wild Card Round, Quaffle Match #4, is coming up quickly and will start Tuesday the 31st. Have a great weekend, Gryffs, and craft on!

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