Friday, May 6, 2011

CRR pages 102-122

Looking back on my notes for this CRR, I should name this one the baby and good news CRR. :-)

Amber graduates on Saturday!!  Hermione graduates Wednesday!!!  Check out CS's LED hoop!  (I think it's super cool)  Welcome to Connor Daryl Henrick, Autumn's new little lion cub!  Here's a pictures of Meg's baby Ian... it was just too cute!!!!  (and yes he will hate it when he gets older)
We have an ongoing discussion about tall people.  HiddenTohru I love when you said that when people say "wow you're tall" y'all go "really how did you figure that out?"  Congratulations to Anne who recently passed her NCLEX!  Congratulations OKC on your new title at work!  Congratulations to Lupingirl's boyfriend who just got a great job!!!  Guess who's moving!  Just because this made me laugh.  Enjoy knitting hats?  Want your hats to go to a good cause? Talk to silvakissBaby PICTURES!!!  See if you can identify real life pictures for the HP characters.  Trindles?  I just found out about spindles!  I feel left behind :-)  Ultrasound pictures!!!

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