Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Some Beautiful Projects

The month is winding to an end, Gryffs!

 If you're like me, you're barely holding on you have so much work to do. Never fear. For the stressed among you, I have a pageant of beautiful projects lined up today. So make yourself a nice cup of tea, curl up with a blanket, and take a moment to admire some of these lovely Gryffindor projects!

AndiSocial turned this:
 image title

into this:
Veselka Yarns Handspun Rainbows

Ketronya knit up this beauty:
Queen MabQueen Mab

Glittergirl94 whipped this up:
The buttons are beyond precious!

Naturallyknitty wove a beautiful scarf:
OWL scarf #6

And f1bercat made these lovely socks:


Alright, Gryffs! Do you feel a bit calmer, or more ready to take on the last little bit of the month? Every project helps, so lets all work hard and see if we can get one last turn in done!

Note: There are too many beautiful projects to count this month! These are just a few of the most recent ones. If you want a real treat, take a stroll through the class threads!

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