Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Inspiring Gryffs

How has everyone's first week been? Hopefully the projects are coming along well, and January is treating you nicely. Today we'd like to highlight some projects that Gryffs have turned in so far! Let these offer some inspiration for those stuck on how to interpret a prompt, unsure what they want to do for their second class, or just looking for some pretty things to stare at!

Name: Ozzma
Option: Number 1, something that screams
My Screaming Hat
I love the colors in this hat! They certainly catch your attention, like the prompt suggests!


Name: Pinkleo
Option 2: use variegated yarn

Spring Brook Squares

Blanket squares are a great way to work in a few extra classes this term! There are lots of places that accept donations to put together charity blankets, or you can keep them stashed away somewhere until you finally have enough for a blanket of your own!

Muggle Studies: 

Name: Dobarah
Option: Fulfull a broken promise

Headbands are another great option for a quick project! Dobarah promised one to her daughter before the new year, and used this prompt to make good on it!


Name: LateClemetis
Option: 2, Dream big!

Selbu Snow Globe

The prompt to go crazy and do ignore practical considerations may be a little intimidating, but this project is great inspiration for ways to push the boundaries!

Care of Magical Creatures:

Name: Knitwit685
Option: 2

image title

Small toys can be used to fulfill almost any prompt if you're creative! I love these little guys.


Name: EmilyMartis
Option: 4, Dye to grab your attention!

Blue Green Overdye

EmilyMartis has a great step by step on how she dyed this lovely yarn in her kitchen! If you've never tried dyeing, you should consider it this term! It can be a lot of fun.

I hope this has inspired everyone to keep having fun with their knitting this term! Smaller projects can be a lot  of fun, and make for great turn ins! What class is next up on your queue?


  1. I love that you're highlighting the projects that we've been working on so far!! This is giving me a ton of ideas for other projects I can do for other classes....


  2. These are such fun projects. Thanks for posting them here. They are really inspiring. =)