Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Meet a Firstie: Hartmoon

First off, I asked Hartmoon to tell us a little bit about himself! 
Hey, I’m Hartmoon, or Kyndyll(pronounced kendall), I’m coughs 40 years old as of december 1. living with my partner and our furbabies: DJ(Damnhait Jivanti)- a 12 year old german shepherd and Bedlam- a black shorthair cat. I just moved to Fitchburg, Ma, but I’ve lived a lot of places: South Carolina (where I grew up), Georgia, TN, Buffalo NY and now here.

How long have I been crafting?
Goddess, it seems like forever, I have done drawing, painting, building and painting miniatures, chain mail, Calligraphy, beadwork, .. and tried a lot of other things. I’ve been trying to learn how to knit for a few years.. and just recently picked crochet back up (aunt tried to teach me when I was a kid), and have recently started to learn about working with spindles. 

How did you find the HPKCHC? 
Pretty sure I found my way here through a teammate on NerdWars and some of the Vendors in the PhatFiber box. December was a crazy month for me.

Did something in particular attract you to roar for Gryffindor? 
I loved it in the books, course I have a love of Gryphons anyway, but the way it’s portrayed in the books really felt like someplace I could fit in well.

Do you have a favorite moment/scene/character/etc in the HP canon? 
Not really, there’s lots of wonderful scenes.

What project or FO are you most proud of?
My first pair of fingerless gloves I made for Ashke, my Partner. First time I actually finished a pair, and he uses them.. and knock on wood so far no allergic reaction. (He’s allergic to wool so I made them with pure alpaca).

What are you looking forward to most this term? 
Meeting new people, trying out new techniques , learning more about HPKCHC.

Do you have a favorite Do you have a favorite fiber-crafting celebrity?
Stephen West, I love his patterns.. even though they’re intimidating as hades right now, but I’m going to attempt one of them as part of my OWL, I hope.
Movie/ Media Stars: Ken Watanabe, Patrick Stewart, Mel Brooks, and Geriant Wyn Davies 
Authors: Jacqueline Carey, Anne Bishop, J.K. Rowling, Lynn Flewelling, Jim Butcher, Patricia Briggs, and Starhawk
Those that have Passed: Andreas Katsulas,

If I recall right, you’re a dude? So how do you find being a male knitter? Do you have a favorite comment that you’ve gotten? 
Yes, I’m male, it’s been an interesting path .. specially since I apparently confuse a lot of people.. not sure it’s a favorite comment, but I’ve gotten “OMG you’re a GUY?!?!?!” on more than one occasion. It’s been an interesting path because so many people in ravelry are female and usually take for granted that others here are too, but I’ve found people here very welcoming and there are getting to be more and more of us here and in knitting in general.
Since I’ve already mentioned it in chat, thought I might share it here also that I’m Transgendered. I’m legally male now, but I was assigned female at birth, and have gone through surgery and medications so that I can pass as male now.


  1. Great interview!! Thanks for sharing all the little details about yourself.