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What I did for December Break Part 3

Morning Frost

Sirius Black absently pulls out a roll of parchment and a quill, and stares at the ceiling, the Seventh Floor Common Room walls, the floor.  He has no idea of what to write for his Theme.  He leans over Remus Lupin's shoulder and begins to read aloud, "'My favorite gift I received was enough fingering weight wool to begin my first pair of socks.'"  He stops in amazement.  "What!  you got wool for Christmas?  That is so unfair.  I didn't even dare tell my parents that I had learned how to knit last term." 

Remus smiles.  "I guess I just got lucky.  My parents were fascinated when I showed them I knew how to knit the Muggle way."

The Gryffindors continued working on their assigned Themes:

1. What is your favorite project you worked on during December
2. What was your favorite gift you made (if any)
3. What was your favorite gift you received
4. What was the best thing you ate

1. My sweater! I was hoping to finish it for my OWL, but I finished about a week and a half late. It still came out gorgeous though! *

2. A skunk for my cousin, because she LOVED it.

4. I ate a lot of delicious things.

1. The pink owl hat I made for a friend's 5 month old little girl.*

 2. a brown and pink owl headband.*
3. a Kindle Fire.
4. Cinnamon Rolls I made on Christmas Morning.

1.  I haven’t really enjoyed anything I finished in December. I spent all of November and the first bit of December making things out of that cursed ruffle yarn to sell at craft fairs, projects that mostly sold well but I detested the whole process. Other than that, I worked on projects for gifts that I’d been making a long time. Both had been in time out for one reason or another, neither actually got finished, and one has actually gone back into time out--the “Brave” socks I almost finished for dh (pattern by Sarah Bordelon) don’t go up over his heel due to the tight cabling on the cuff. If I ever finish that or the Dangerous Dino sweater for my son, I will be thrilled. The sweater is probably my favorite--I hand dyed the yarn and I love how it’s turning out, but I discovered I don’t like intarsia or seaming. :( *

2. I did enjoy learning a new technique…I made a doll chair cushion for my daughter using entrelac. It was very interesting to finally figure it out, and while I’m not totally happy with the finished product (it’s too small) I did enjoy the challenge.*

3. Money! We moved in November and have been super, super strapped for cash since then.  Plus I just got paid in two gorgeous skeins of Ultra Alpaca light for a commission knit, so it’s all good.
4. This year I fell in love with Puff Corn drenched in hardened, melted almond bark. Sweet, buttery and salty…it’s the perfect unhealthy snack.

1. thing #1’s dalek . it is just too freakin’ cute for words.*

2. thing #1 & thing #2 daleks. I love them!!! and can’t wait to see the girls in them.
3. my fav gift that I received this year #1 were the bath sheets that my parents got me and #2 was the tin of Joy tea from Starbucks (it is my favorite tea) that Londonaftrdark from slytherin got me.
4. probably the tipsy cake that I made for christmas day.

1. The Couple Cuffs (still a wip, but still fun to make) *

2. Refer to #1
3. I got 4 skeins of variegated yarn in a hexagonal yarn carrier with a prayer shawl pattern book.
4. Pumpkin fluff.

1.  Animal Crackers which is my Grandson’s sweater. This sweater will became a January Detention project instead of a Christmas present. I had to make several visits to the frog pond while making his sweater, but my grandson will love it even if it is a week or so late.
2. My DADA OWL Fall 2012 was my favorite gift. I was so glad that I completed my second OWL and that the Green Bay Packers Granny Square Afghan would go to its new home on Christmas.*

3. Knowing Christ is always with me and being with my family.
4. Prime rib with all of the trimmings.

1. Tough call, but I think it was the Zuzu’s Petals that I made for a friend, my first hands-on with MadTosh.*

2. The cardi that I finished for my DS20 as part of my Detention OWL.*
3. DS20 on his own found a “Keep Calm and Knit On” mug on the internet.
4. This year’s Christmas Morning Buns were the best ever.

1. Still working on it- crocheted ornaments from purl soho. pattern is Snowflower Ornaments*

2. Pair of fingerless mitts* for my brother-in-law. he was pretty impressed with my crafting (they were very plain k2p2 ribbed fingerless mittens) and wore them around all day!

3. Fiber and a drop spindle from my dh. I told him I wanted to learn to spin and he really came through!
4. My mum’s homemade spaghetti. So many good memories are wrapped up in that meal.

1. & 2. My favorite projects I worked on this December were my 2 Owl hats I made as Christmas gifts.* 

I’ve been plugging away at a baby blanket I haven’t yet posted to my projects page - but that’s rather tedious. I much prefer shorter projects!
3. a strummed dulcimer (aka a tiny three-string guitar) and knitpicks gift cards!
4. chocolate chip cookies. I ate them everywhere and in huge quantities. Definitely my favorite.

1. I enjoyed making a few mini ornaments for the tree, and working on a few projects from the Gryffindor Advent Calendar. *

2. I made my sister a set of winter-wear: a matching hat, mobius scarf, mittens and coffee cup cozy in her favorite purple. It (accidentally) matches her new coat. *

3. Ooh, toughie. I love the yarn bowl my DH bought me, and I’ve already been using it a bunch! I also love the fact that we get to spend two whole weeks with my family, which is really the best gift of all.
4. I made some pretty kickin’ ginger snaps. Also cranberry sauce, because I love cranberry sauce season. Noms.

1. It’s a toss up between fish, coat of many colors, and my checkerboard scarf!
2. I loved them all!! Well, favorite would be the Tudor Rose mitts I made.
3. I got a handmade shawl from my cousin who taught me how to crochet. She took first place in shawls at her county fair with it!!!!!
4.  My favorite was prime rib with roasted potatoes and gravy and lemon-garlic broccoli.

1. The only things I managed to get finished in December were the scarf/cowls,* they were gifts, for my friend to give to her daughters

2. My favourite things I made as gifts were my nameless dogs,* they came out of my brain, I gave them to my granddaughters, they loved them.

3. I got some lovely gifts from my children, but the one that made me smile the most, is my purple toaster from my son. He also go me a lovely pair of purple mittens.
My daughter had a poster framed for me, its 25 reasons why chocolate is better than men.
4. Christmas dinner was lovely, but my favourite thing is, cool mint matchmakers

1. & 2.  I’m working on a sweater that is to leave the country by New Years! It is the coordinating sweater for Martina’s sweater that was my OWL. Justin’s sweater*  had 2 sleeves--I promise! Only one disapeared. Now I am trying to make up for lost time, and lost yarn.

1. The project I’m currently working on right now, an ‘In Threes’ itsy bitsy baby cardi! It’s so fresh on the needles the completely finished project will be January’s WIP the first. *

2. Two hats for an old coworker of mine. I technically made them in oct/nov and turned one in for November Detention, but he received them just in time for Christmas, so I’m counting them as my Christmas knitting. (‘Alabama Hat the First’ and ‘Alabama Hat the Second (done right!)’ are the projects). He looks rather dashing in the colorwork one~ *

3. Yarnz. I bought it all on cyber monday, but I was a good girl and waited until Christmas Day to even pet them!
4. The clearance candy I bought today! A local candy store puts all their holiday candies half price the day after said holiday, and their eggnog cream candies are to DIE for…

1. I made a pair of fingerless gloves with some hand-dyed yarn for my secret santa!*

2. My secret santa gift!
3. My sister got me a sewing machine!!
4. I made a delicious caramel apple pie!

1. Aurora Expanse hat*

2. I’m making 3 February Baby Sweaters for a friend’s niece’s triplets -- that’s the only gift knitting I’ve done this month
3. Winning a spot in the Goth Sock Yarn club!
4. OMG, I ate all the things. Maybe strawberry cheesecake or chicken fried ribs. Or the pizza(s) my husband made. I love snacking :)

1. A queen-sized quilt for my husband!!! But then my sewing machine broke… so it didn’t get finished. This was pretty much the only project I worked on, until 2 days ago and then I started the Maine Morning Mitts.*

2. My favorite gift I made was some miniature pillows, blankets, furniture, rug, and photo frames for my niece’s doll house she was getting for Christmas. They were adorable…
3. My favorite gift was a set of blocking mats!! This was a total surprise from my husband and I didn’t expect it at all. (I also got a set of interchangeable needles in size 9-15 from him… but I picked those out so it wasn’t a surprise.)
4. Everything!!!

To be continued...

 *Note:  All photos are the property of the House Member in whose update they appear.  Use with permission only.

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