Friday, January 4, 2013

What I did for December Break (part 5)

Head Girl, jrf1977, stands in the Seventh Floor Common Room catching Gryffindors as they file towards the Portrait Hole and out for breakfast the first day of Winter Term classes.   Themes are handed over, most with smiles, as the students think about the fun they had over the December break.  As she gathers up the Themes, Jen casually scans some of them, smiling, too, at the fun projects everyone worked on.  She stops suddenly, her eyes on one particular Theme, her smile slowly disappearing.  She looks thoughtful, then, setting down the pile, runs upstairs to her room and begins rifling through her stash of yarn she has packed for the Winter Term's crafting. 

1. What is your favorite project you worked on during December
2. What was your favorite gift you made (if any)
3. What was your favorite gift you received
4. What was the best thing you ate

1. I really like my Melvin the Monster that I made for the 600 Monsters group on ravelry.*  I also made a Christmas ornament for my Grandma…

2. I only made one gift so I guess it would be my Snowball Buddy.*
3. I received a lot of spinning fiber from my parents.
4. The best thing I ate was probably the Goose.

1. cold pine shawl*

2. These little skirts came so cute - I made 3 different ones.*

3. my best friend and I took a trip to a local yarn store 30 min from my hometown in Watkins Glen, NY, where we used to go hiking before I moved and she bought me a skein of a yarn in a colorway you can only get at that store.
4. Once you move away from your hometown, there are local small restaurants or in this case pizza places that you can’t get away from that area - On my way into town I stopped and got me a slice of Pudgies Pizza : )- (next time I am in town I am soooo getting a southside sub shop sub : ))

1. My Celtic Purse*

2. My Montgolfiere socks* for my sister
3. 4 alpaca fleeces from my husband
4. My "Sour Cream Pound Cake"

1. I was pretty busy during December, but I enjoyed cranking out many dishcloths in the evenings.
2. I ended up giving it to my husband early, but I made him a Gingerbread Hat with brown Fisherman’s Wool. Really happy with the way it turned out!
3. With the help of my MIL, DD (4) picked out her favorite yarn’s for my Christmas present!
4. Dark Chocolate candy with lemon

1. I’d have to say it was the “Tony The Toy-Box Monster”* that I finished up for Detention

2. I loved making the Daphne & Delilah* monsters for my DD. (Shes gonna be 9 in February!)
3. Everything I received was AWESOME! My 3 faves: (1) a handmade book from my DD that she made in Class, (1) sterling silver locket from my guy that opens in half, then each half opens to reveal the 4 slots for photos, when fully opened it becomes a 4 leaf clover. ;) (1) yarn yarn yarn from my momma to create a monster for me!!
4. Mmmm… PIE!!!

1 & 2.  I loved knitting my brother a retro ski hat.* It is pretty much a replica of the ones he wore in the early ’80s, in the same colors and everything. Plus it was out of yummy Malabrigo Twist, my favorite yarn for gifts, because it is soooo soft and lovely

3. Awesome quantities of gift cards!
4. Our family always makes the most amazing sugarlicious sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles. It wouldn’t be Christmas without them…although I need to lose a few pounds every January as a result!

1 & 2. This would have to be crocheted snowflake ornaments* - it started for KnitPurlGurl’s family and then I could not stop

3. All of them- although the Hand crank emergency radio is in the top 3.
4. My Mum’s homemade white roll out cookies frosted and sugared- my Birthday gift from my Mum. Made me home sick.

1. My Swirl Hat*, because it was the last Christmas present I had to knit and finishing it was a huge relief!

2. The Insulate Hat* that I made for a friend who is Dr Who obsessed. I almost kept it.
3. Charmed box set
4. Chestnut and cranberry wellington

1. Advent Calendar Scarf 2012
3. My dragons (I collect them and I got 2!), Santa’s (I collect them too) and a LYS gift certificate
4. umm, so many things, chocolate, turkey, stuffing!

1. learning spinning with all of my yule gifts
2. the scarf I'm still *coughs* working on for my mother
3. over twenty oz of top/roving.. but it's close,  second is misti alpaca magic flute skein I recieved
4. My partner made fried dough for sunday brunch and we had friends over...

1. I was so busy hopping around the castle (Gryff’s Countdown to Christmas, Hufflepuff’s Craftpocolyse and Slytherin’s Surviving the Season) that I barely had time for actual crafts. I made some mitts* made out of purple Alpaca. Soft as a cloud. And I started an Advent Scarf of Doom.*


2. A crazy quilted Christmas stocking for my brother
3. a yarn swift
4. Coquilles St Jacque a la Parisienne. I make it only once or twice a year because it takes about 3-4 hours and is incredibly rich. Sea scallops and mushrooms in an outrageously delicious bechemel/cream sauce, topped with cheese and baked in the oven. It is typically New Year’s Eve dinner.

1. Favorite project--scarves for gifts
2. Favorite gift I made--pumpkin spice bread baked in a jar
3. Favorite gift was old watch parts and jewelry bits to make new jewelry from
4. Best thing I ate was cheese enchiladas

1. I would have to say making knit and crocheted bangle bracelets* because I had just finished an afghan that took me two months to make. The weaving in the ends was torture! These were quick and painless in comparison!

2. The afghan…although it wasn’t really a gift. It was raffled off to a lucky family member at our 23rd annual cookie exchange as per family tradition
3. My little sis has promised me “a year of yarn”…so she will select and send me yarn each month from one of my favorite yarn brands. How exciting is that?! Also dad provided money for a yarn swift…that rates high on the favorites list as well.
4. . I love when my aunt makes mashed potatoes and turnips using my grandma’s method. It’s just not a holiday unless I have some! But I also did have a heavenly vanilla bean cupcake.

1. The Hestapeysa sweater* I knit for a 7-year old girl

2. The Caloosa* I made for my 92 year old mother. It was my fall OWL.

3. Kate Davies’ new book Colours of Shetland.
4. My own mock-mince pie.
5. I changed my mind. The favorite gift I made was the Jekyll Island Peek-a-Boo Cloche* I knit my DD. Terrifically clever pattern, and super-warm in alpaca.

1. Not a lot. I’ve been working on some costumes on and off, but haven’t had the energy or time to really get to work.
2. I made two sets of horns and a shirt for a friend. She loved them, and they look adorable.
3. A gopro camera. They’re pretty indestructable and awesome. They used them on the show deadliest catch, and we’re planning a TON of shoots and videos. It’ll really help my group out.
4. Faygo Cupcakes! Delic!

1. My Gryffindor circus shawl*, turned in for detention. 

2. My advent calendar! I didn’t do a ton of knitting, but that bit of crafty goodness was my pride this holiday season.
3. TKGA level 1 kit. I am so so so excited about this.
4. … I would say it was toss up between the 10 lb rib roast my partner and I cooked for the two of us for Christmas dinner (lots of yummy leftovers) which was smashing, or the marzipan-stuffed dates dipped in chocolate for New Years. Nom a nom!

Later that day, f1bercat and Jen crawl back tiredly through the Portrait hole together.  f1bercat stops in surprise, but quickly covers it, nodding in a friendly manner at Sirius Black.  He is sitting with James Potter on one of the couches, knitting with new yarn.  The two girls don't look at each other, but, as they begin to climb the stairs, they fist bump.

*Note:  All photos are the property of the House Member in whose update they appear.  Use with permission only.

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