Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January Class Round-Up

A new term has begun, January classes have been posted, and Gryffindor is rearing and ready to win back the House Cup! 

Gryffindor Pride
The easiest way to accomplish this is for all of us to push ourselves to finish as many classes as we can this term. Our professors have made it easy for us this month, providing lots of options for each class. Hopefully there's something for everyone's queue!

Here's a quick summary of the month's classes:
Option 1: Craft a go-to item, dye your fallback color, or spin your favorite kind of yarn.
Option 2: Dream big! What would you do if practicality were not a consideration? Go gonzo with gusto!
Option 3: Design and craft part of your own robes. Published patterns are not required. 

Option 1: Weave, knit, crochet or spin something that just screams-- whether it has colors so hot or bright they could stop traffic, or an item that is excessive in fussy details.
Option 2: Represent the hissing sounds of an adolescent mandrake and craft something that hisses. 
Option 3: Knitters and perhaps weavers or crocheters: steek something!

Defense Against the Dark Arts:
Option 1: Pick an approved wizard rock song and craft something inspired by it!
Option 2: Craft something in house colors to wear or bring to a wrock concert. 

Option 1: A craft inspired by Cats Claw Bark. You can choose cats, claws, bark, the yellow flowers, or anything else you find out about the plant. 
Option 2: Craft something useful in preparation for a task. 
Option 3: Show your understanding of hallucinations. Use a technique or fiber which changes the item's appearance when looked at from a particular angle or light.

Muggle Studies:
Option 1: Fulfill a broken promise
Option 2: Celebrate Ditch Your New Year's Resolution Day

Option 1: Craft something with multiple color changes.
Option 2: Craft with a variegated or self-striping yarn.
Option 3: Craft something that requires concentration and focus.

Care of Magical Creatures:
Option 1: Craft something using the colors of the Unicorn in their growth stages.
Option 2: Craft an object of comfort or something that gives strength.

Option 1: Make something that helps you grip objects more easily by protecting your hands.
Option 2: Make something to cover objects themselves to help with the grabbing of them (pot holders, cozies, etc.)
Option 3: Spin a grippy fiber such as BFL, Corridale, or Shetland.
Option 4: Dye using super saturated, bold colors.

Over the course of the next 4 weeks, we'll be coming up with suggestions, scouting for awesome projects that people are working on, and doing our best to help you brainstorm ways to eek in some extra classes this term! 

Which classes are you most excited for this term, Gryffindors?


  1. Great summaries! I'm so excited. I'm designing something for Flying option 3, and had a cool alternative (duplicate stitching) approved for Divination, and BOTH were projects I had already planned. =)

  2. Thanks for the summary - I turned a soap sack into Charms today and have some ideas brewing for others. I love all the activity on the Blog this term already - you guys are doing great! Keep it up!! Cheers!