Monday, December 31, 2012

What I Did on My December Break (Part 2)

New Year's Eve 2012 Sunrise over the Cascades

What I did for my December Break Continued...

Gryffindors sprawl around the Seventh Floor in the wake of Professor McGonagall's Theme assignment, discussing what they might write down.  "What are interchangable needles?"  James Potter asks, a bit peevishly.  "I thought we couldn't use magic in our knitting."

1. What is your favorite project you worked on during December
2. What was your favorite gift you made (if any)
3. What was your favorite gift you received
4. What was the best thing you ate

1 and 2. I just crocheted a scarf for Ari yesterday! That’s the only thing I’ve done since we’ve been moving! lol Oh, I take that back, I did a hat for Dan’s boss, too. I guess that’s my favorite since it’s the only one I’ve gotten done this year!
3. My set of interchangeable bamboo needles
4. Mashed potatoes. I do so love mashed potatoes!

1. I’m currently working on the Windschilf shawl* 

(last half of the edging, here I come!) in KnitPicks Chroma Fingering, Elfin color way. The pattern is well written and easy to follow. Interesting enough for an experienced knitter, but easy enough for a new knitter.
2. either the Chaperon I knit for my MiL* 

which I turned in for DADA in November, or the Korknisse I knit - I knit 8 total this year, all a little different.
3. My sisters commissioned commemorative pendants for the three of us and our mother that are really beautiful, and YARN, YARN, YARN
4. Christmas Eve my brother in law barbequed a prime rib, that was probably it, but I’m spending this week with foodies so anything can happen!

1. My Wisp! The yarn was an early Christmas present from a knitting friend, and I couldn’t help but cast on immediately.*

2. The Brambles hat that I made for my sister. She wears it all of the time, which is super gratifying, and she’s always requesting matching mittens.*

3. An excellent pair of winter boots that I’m very excited to start wearing every day.
4. We made my very favorite cookies this year, lemon zest shortbread. We did cherry cheesecake pie, too, and chocolate peanut butter chip cookies.

["Does it matter that I’m going to be Ravenclaw next term?"  Of course not!  You were technically a Gryffie when I sent the pm.]

1. I worked on Technical.* 

These socks are for my Sweetheart and he loves them (even though he says it’s torture for me to put them on him and take pictures).
3. My son wasn’t sure he’d get his leave approved (since he’s nearly through with his enlistment) and had told me that he wouldn’t see us until late January. It hurt since he was in Afghanistan last year, but I knew that these things happen in the military. So, I’d resigned myself to be cheerful anyway, and let him know that we were going to hold off the presents & such for a month. Instead, I saw his smiling face at my door on the 14th at 4:30 in the morning! Having both of my kids with me this year was the best gift of all time.
4. The best thing I ate (not the tastiest, but still awesome) was my daughter's birthday cake.*


1. My Sahara top…started in October? Finally able to wear (apart from cutting off all ends or tassels as I ref to them…) and ready for wip the first!

2. Sewn twirly skirts.

3. Fave gift moisturizer! I never buy it for myself.

4. Turkey? Pudding? Salad at DP’s dads house? So much to choose from.

1. I (gasp!) took a break from knitting this month. I only finished up a partial blanket square for WIP the First.

2. I made a Star Trek Potholder for my dad and stepmom.* 

It was my first double knit, and it turned out great! Plus, they loved it!!

3. a pair of gorgeous green socks in Hermione’s cable and eyelet pattern from Mienna.

4. Cupcakes and “snowman poop” (Oreo truffles)

1. I’m THIS CLOSE to finishing a sweater for my husband! just need to sew on the sleeves and add the collar ribbing!

2. hats, hats and more hats!

3. YARN!

4. my BIL’s ham!


1. I really enjoyed the countdown to Christmas and made many quick gifts including soap sacks, * bath puffs, and bulky cabled mitts.

2. I love the cabled mitts pattern that is repeated over and over again in my project page! It’s a hit, and it’s quick!*

3. My 5yo bought me a candle at the Santa Shop at school - I love the Santa Shop!

4. I made a raspberry trifle with creme anglais sauce that was just to die for!! yum!

1. The crochet cuffs I made on the store bought slipper sox I bought.

2. Favorite gifts were the Snowball Buddies.*

3. A scotch tape dispenser that looked like the tape was the dog’s tongue.

4. Best thing I ate: Banana Cream Pie :-)


1. & 2. My favorite project (s) were French Press Slippers* for my dd and the son’s gf. The first pair ended up fitting the son’s gf, which shows me I need to make dd a larger pair.

3. The best gift I received was having my children home…that and having the kids ask for a new knitted items.  it was also a great gift when I found out dear son was wearing the current pair of socks* I had created for him.

4. Having the apple-onion-celery dressing with the turkey made this a very special meal for me…my dad would have been so proud of me!

1. I finished my springtime bandit shawl! I’m so relieved to have it done. I’m also enjoying working on my not your boyfriends sweater, but it’s not done yet.

2. I made mittens for my mom and she loved them.*

3. I received some books that I’m excited about. Some knitting mysteries and running books.

4. Green bean casserole! Love it! And my Mom’s swedish cookies and fudge.

1.  I was busy trying to get my nephew’s stocking (cross stitch) done! I did not succeed, so he will be getting a birthday stocking in February.

2. I made the One Skein Scarf for a friend, and it turned out beautifully.

3. My husband bought me a pearl drop necklace! It’s gorgeous.

4. I can’t speak well to any food right now.  But, uhh… in other news, we announced that I am pregnant! First baby is due in July. :)


1. My younger brother’s socks in worsted weight. I got them done in 6 days.

2. Dalek hat for my older brother.

3. Yarn swift and gift cert to LYS.

4. Homemade turtles candy my step-MIL brought.

1. I made a pair of socks

2. I made coasters and felted them*

3. My favorite gift was a big ball of blue-green fiber that I can spin.

4. I loved eating turkey on Christmas Day

1. My favorite project for December would have to be the Seychelles Shawl. It was released along with the Dream in Color Dream Club yarn for December, and I was asked to knit the display model for my LYS, which was quite the honor!*

2. Favorite gift made is a hat for my husband. I got a skein of BadAmy yarn in the TARDIS colorway and knit up a pattern that I consider to be reminiscent of the actual TARDIS. We’re both huge Doctor Who fans, so this was awesome.*

3. My favorite gift(s) were a gift certificate to my LYS AND a gift certificate to Etsy. Can’t decide yet what to get with either!

4. Best thing I ate - chocolate & coconut macaroons!

James scoots closer to stitchywitchy to see her new interchangeable needles, while Sirius holds out his hand to Meriadoc who hands him a skein of her new yarn.  They mutter about their boring gifts, and try to think of ANYTHING that is as wonderful to write about as needles and yarn.

To be continued...

 *Note:  All photos are the property of the House Member in whose update they appear.  Use with permission only.