Sunday, December 30, 2012

What I did on My December Term Break

Professor McGonagall enters the Gryffindor Common Room and simply stands.  The students notice her bit by bit, and with much nudging, become quiet.

"This year," she says, "we will begin by writing a ... Theme.  What I did on my December Break."

Students look at each other in disbelief.  Muggle-borns laugh to themselves, very familiar with this type of assignment. 

"First years are excused from this assignment, as they were not officially students at Hogwarts this December."

McGonagall leaves the Seventh Floor.  There is a moment of stunned silence, then a ROAR sweeps through the Gryffindors as then begin to tell each other about the December Break, answering:
1. What is your favorite project you worked on during December
2. What was your favorite gift you made (if any)
3. What was your favorite gift you received
4. What was the best thing you ate

1. The Christmas stocking for my brother’s fiancee, which didn’t get done in time, but she knows that it’s in progress
2. It was an ornament set for my mom - I fill clear glass ornaments with kosher salt, 5 black peppercorns, and a rolled up strip of orange paper. It’s supposed to look like melted snowmen!
3. penguin socks!
4. The party potatoes my MIL made us!

1.  I made my children socks and a chubby chirp.  *

2.  My son’s afterthought heel stripe socks. I used ShaylaMyst’s silver base in the Shere Khan color way, a self striping yarn.
3.  My Signature DPNs, size 2.5mm for more socks!
4.  DH makes a great French silk pie!

1. The Bearded hat I made for my boyfriend’s brother. *

2. The Bearded hat I made for my boyfriend’s brother.
4. Christmas breakfast (eggs, bacon, french toast)

1. some woolen spun art batts. Very enjoyable, fulfilling, and exciting for me!
4. Paleo Almond Joy Bars and Chicken Curry with Romain lettuce for wraps. So yummy!

1.  My favorite project that I worked on was a pair of socks that I knit for my sister! *

2.  Which also happened to be my favorite christmas gift :)
3.  My favorite gift that I received was my little kitty Samus *

4.  The best thing that I ate was apple pie!

1.  Swedish hiking socks -- I took a Swedish pattern and used google translate to translate the pattern to English *

2.  A hat for my church’s homeless ministry -- from the Gryffindor advent countdown pattern from 
Dec 1
3.  A necklace
4. Cream cheese coffee cake

1. My favorite project is my new sweater. Pivot by Cookie A.
2.  I’d have to say the black lace shawl I made for my mother.  
3.  My partner and I gifted each other with a 7 day cruise in the Western Caribbean. It was a glorious adventure! I got a deep brown tan to prove it too!
4.  chocolate melting cake. WOW!! It was a mini chocolate cake baked in a small souffle dish. The center was a melty chocolate fondue like substance. Dipping fresh fruit in it was divine!

1.  I’ve been working on a baby blanket for my sister-in-law. It has to be my favorite as it’s the only project I’ve worked on.
2.  I got half a pair of feet eaters done.
3. the book my nieces and nephew bought for baby due in April. It was just nice for them to think about him, and it was completely unexpected.
4. The best thing I ate was pop-tarts (don’t judge the pregnant woman).

1. I’m working on a hat and I’m having fun with it, but it’s not finished yet,
2. My OWL, the girl with the pearl earring*, 

was a present for my dad and I really love it, but I knit it in November. During December I made an octopush for my niece. I totally hated working on it, but I’m happy with the result.*

3. I got a book about baking good-looking artistic sweets and the other one is a collection of Brother’s Grimm fairy tales.
4. Rabanada! It’s like a little french toast covered in sugar and cinnamon. Absolutely decadent!

1. I loved working on my ruffled scarfs! They are quick, easy, and make great gifts *

2. I made a pair of polka dot crocheted stockings for a swap partner! They were a bit tedious, but came out lovely.*

3. Knit Picks yarn
4. My Dad's cavatelli (type of pasta) & meatball Christmas dinner!

1. snowflakes for christmas gifts
2. snowflakes (only gifts I finished)
3. crafting gift was white cotton yarn and huge tiedye kit from my fiance who is not a crafter at all. Fav other gift was kingdom hearts for the 3ds
4. Kielbasa and pierogis

1. My son’s very first Christmas stocking!  *

2. A family tree embroidery with all my brothers’ and sisters’ names on it
3. Everything I got was amazing! I got Sublime Tussah Silk from my SIL
4.  Peanut Butter Temptations cookies :)

1. Favorite project would have been finishing the Ice Crystals Afghan for my grandmother. That thing took way too long, but it’s done now. I’m working on a hat now that will be finished before the new year, and I’m hoping to finish my Dr. Who scarf by then, too.
2. probably the snowflakes for my secret Santa. I found the crochet pattern in a Martha Stewart magazine.
4.  Krantz! It’s a German holiday bread and it’s fantastic. Cinnamon, sugar, and walnuts inside “sweet” dough, with icing and decorations on top. Yum!!!

1.  My favorite project was 1722 yards of laceweight I spun up,"Before The Treetops Had Absorbed The Night" hopefully to use to knit an Evenstar for my OWL this term.
2. I didn’t craft for anyone this year.
3.  a set of bread tins my fiance got me (I was begging him for some for months!)
4. Probably my sister’s Challah bread.

1. my Granny Square sweater. As of this morning, it’s still not complete, but I am determined to have it finished by Jan. 1st!
2. the Belize Wrap I made for my mom.
3.  My honey and I are exchanging gifts in January. So far though, my favorite gift was my Entertainment book, given to me by my bff when she visited us. She lives in Miami and tries to spend some time with us around Christmastime. She gets freaked out by the snow and decorates my tree. I enjoy the company. It’s a tradition!
4.  I made a maple and brown sugar glazed ham in the crock pot and it was delicious!!

1. My favourite is definitely the Owlet sweater Owls for Eli *

2. Same as above. ;)
3. A Mockingjay bird brooch (from the movie Hunger Games).
4. Vegetarian herring. :)  (f1bercat here:  What the heck is vegetarian herring?)

These Gryffindors seem to be well on their way to some nice Themes.  What will the rest of the house write about?

To be continued...

* Note:  All photos are the property of the House Member in whose update they appear.  Use with permission only.


  1. It's so nice to see what everyone has been up to in December!!

    Are you all ready for term to start tomorrow?

    I am!!!