Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Meet the Bloggers

Happy break month, everyone!

Whether you're a loyal and steadfast Gryff, or an enthusiastic first year waiting with bated breath for the Sorting Hat's decision, those of us behind the Gryffindor blog hope that your project planning for next term is going well. In anticipation for the new term, we thought we would take this chance to introduce ourselves! 

Winter term's bloggers are neferkatie, f1bercat, and derring-do. We'll be keeping you up to date on what's going on in the house, the kinds of activities you can get involved in, and the amazing things that your fellow Gryff's are up to, in addition anything else that we think you might like to hear about. Without further ado, the bloggers have answered a few questions about themselves to help you get to know them!

How long have you been a crafter?

Neferkatie: I've been crocheting for less than a year, but fell into it hard! I started it as a way to keep my stress levels lower during school, and kept going. But I have been "crafty" for a long time, since my mom is an accomplished seamstress and crafter, and some of my childhood memories are from going to help her sell stuff at craft shows.

F1bercat: Started as a child when my Mom taught me. I mostly sewed and crocheted, but knew the basics of knitting. I picked it up again about 2 years ago, to make a Doctor Who Scarf for a friend. I found Ravelry, and now I sew, knit, crochet, and am learning to spin.

Derring-do: I grew up on a healthy diet of Martha Stewart and Julia Child, so crafting has always been a part of my life. My mom taught me to crochet as soon as I could hold a hook, and I learned to knit from a library book when I was around 7. I started knitting more obsessively about 5 years ago, and haven't put down my needles since.

What made you choose Gryffindor for your house?

Neferkatie: I went exploring all the houses, and really liked the feel of Gryffindor. People are chatty and helpful, and exploring new stuff. I'm trying to teach myself to knit, spin and dye (ambitious, I know) and hope that my fellow Griffs can help me out!

F1bercat: it's the people. Though, really, there are nice people in every house. So maybe I should say the Crazy Train. 

Derring-do: The special things that we do, like chocolate frog cards, are what really lured me in, and the people are what have been keeping me here.

Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?

Neferkatie: It's so hard to decide... Luna is my "most interesting; I feel most like Hermione, and I have a serious movie-crush on Neville from the 7th movie.

F1bercat: Snape. But I love Neville, Luna, and Dobby.

Derring-do: NevilleX1000. From the moment he helped Harry in book 4, his character really had me. 

Which of your projects are you most proud of?

Neferkatie: I think I'm most proud of Colchique, which is the most intricate lace I've done so far. It turned out really beautifully, though I think next time I'll use a striping yarn instead of variegated. I'm also proud that I managed to get a whole bunch of Christmas presents done well before Christmas!

F1bercat: The Echo Flower Shawl I made for my Mother.

Derring-do: My hexipuff pillow, and my 2012 blanket, because I really wasn't confident that I was going to have the gumption to finish either until they were sitting in front of me with all of the ends woven in. 

What are you most excited for in the coming term?

Neferkatie: I'm excited to earn points for a house, especially Gryffindor! I'm a firstie, and had a great time playing as a NQFY but can't wait to amp it up and bring the house cup home where it belongs.

F1bercat: I really don't know. I just like how motivated I am to finish things because of the Cup.

Derring-do: Helping Gryffindor improve its rankings in the House Cup!

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  1. So nice to get to know you all better. I'm so excited to see what you do with the blog. Your enthusiasm is catching!

  2. Hooray! I'm really excited to see what you guys do with the blog this term. :D