Thursday, January 3, 2013

What I did for December Break (part 4)

f1bercat sits on Lily Evan's bed watching the upper-classman unpack her trunk.  The two girls talk about the December Break Theme assignment as Lily waves her wand and her clothes wisk their way from the trunk to the dresser drawers.

Suddenly, f1bercat stretches out her hand, and snags something colorful in mid-flight.  It's a ... hat?

"I know this hat," f1bercat declares.  "James Potter knit it last term.  I helped him pull up the stitches here with a crochet hook, when he dropped one."  She examines the hat more closely.  "Not a bad blocking job, though he could have woven in the ends a bit neater."  She looks knowingly at Lily.  "Best thing you got for Christmas this year?"

Lily, refusing to blush at the younger girl's smart words and knowing look, winks and says, "The amount of time and effort put into handknits makes this type of gift even more special.  I wouldn't want anyone to think that I am not Knit Worthy."

What did the other Gryffindors get as presents?  And what projects did they work on during the December Term Break?

1. What is your favorite project you worked on during December
2. What was your favorite gift you made (if any)
3. What was your favorite gift you received
4. What was the best thing you ate

1.  The Poppy hat I made for my niece from my own handspun *

2.  Probably the two Dwarven Battle Helmets I made for my Dad & BIL.*
3.  My sister & her family went to the in-laws first, so we’ll open presents on the 28th. But I did buy myself a Spanish Peacock Tibetan Spindle
4.  So far, turkey! But I hope to get our traditional Christmas pudding made for our Christmas celebration with my sister’s family (old English recipe from my Grandma with apples, carrots, raisins & currents.)

1.  I think my favourite project I worked on during December would be this little sweater ornament*… pure fun!

2.  My favourite gift I made… ooh this one’s hard!! I loved several things I made. I think I will choose the hats I made for my son, his girlfriend, and her cute little 8-year-old boy. They are all fans of Mississippi State Football so I made the hats in the team colours.*
3.  Oh I really can’t pick a favourite gift I received! Everything was so wonderful… I have the most thoughtful husband and son!
4.   Oooh… the best thing I ate at Christmas was the strawberry cheesecake my brother made… he is famous for his cheesecakes!! :)

1 & 2.  I haven’t completed any of the gifts I started for people, nor have I really made any progress on anything this month :( I was so busy getting ready for the big dinner, and so distracted by our pregnancy that things haven’t really been on track for me.
3.  the best gift I received was a potkukelkka (kicksled)
4.  the best thing I ate was the turkey dinner I coooked for 16 people (because I was so relieved it turned out!)

1.  I pretty much only worked on my NEWT, which is a single-project proposal, a sock-yarn square blanket.*

2.  Haha, I only planned for one…and still didn’t even start it. I owe a friend a Gretel hat, hopefully sometime before it stops snowing here.
3.  I bought a Kindle Paperwhite for myself, but then my dad bought it off me and gifted it to me.
4.  Hmm…I ordered a food gift-set and it was all yummy. Sausages and prosciutto and ham…

1.  My favorite project that I worked on was Tangled River* by Woolly Wormhead :) I was so happy when I got that finished up!

2.  I made a hat for my mother in law and I hope she likes it :)*
3.  I haven’t received any yet :) We are having our big Christmas Saturday with the in laws :)
4.  TURKEY! I love turkey =D

1.  I made a pair of dark green Cupcake Mittlets for a surprise swap in another group.*

2.  I gave my MIL the Rowan Leaves lace shawl project I made in order to complete a Mission for the OOTP. (She loves it!)
3.  Favorite gift: 2 skeins of fingering weight alpaca from my sister.
4.  Best thing I ate? Hm. Pondering. I think the gingerbread cookies are my favorite. Also pizza the day after Christmas!

1 & 2. The only thing I got to work on or finished in December was the Monster Book of Monsters- I think you know what I am talking about! LOL! No crafting at all got done in December other than the Monster.*

1) project and 2) gift was a Christmas stocking for my grandson*

3) My daughter made me a Sock Monkey pillow (extra special because I just taught her how to sew this month)
4) Favorite thing I ate - pumpkin soup

1.  My favorite project I worked on during December was probably my OWL project that I didn’t get finished on time. It was the my Velvet Morning cardigan and I just have one end left to weave in to turn it in on Jan 1st. It is so awesome and I love it to death.*

2.  My favorite gift I made was A’s Mario Transformation hat. It wasn’t necessarily the most fun to do - a ton of duplicate stitching… but it turned out really awesome and every time he puts it on he says “Mario-rific” and I get a smile.*
3.  My favorite gift received (and technically given as I got one for everyone in the family) was the Roku. I’m using it right now to watch Knitting in Circles podcast and really love it.
4.  The best thing we ate was my ‘special’ desert that I bought at the grocery store… it was an enormous fudge brownie that we divided up into four pieces and have been enjoying a little bit at a time.

1.  toss up….still working on both… lace roses*  &   if the world ends*

2.  Loop scarf:  sparkly yarn!*

3.  Fiber
4.  A holiday apple pie like thing… full of baked apple, pear, and cranberries and cinnamon!

1.  A shawl that’s not finished yet!
2.  I love the ducky socks* I made for my mom (although that was during the fall term) and I really liked the Christmas Monster I made for a friend’s 3 year old

3.  I got Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines, which I can’t wait to have time to read!
4.  My grandma’s roast beef

1 & 2.   My favorite thing/gift I made was my first pair of afterthought heel stripey socks for my husband*

1.  My baby girl...growing inside me and due in April.  This seemed to be the only thing my body wanted to work on this month. :)*

2. Last year, I knit several people gifts and made everyone in my family a set of coasters with pictures of them and my daughter on was a lot of work and while MOST of the coasters were appreciated, some of the knits were not.  Those people have been put on the no-knit list for the rest of their lives and I decided I would take a year break on knitting people things.  Especially while I wasn't being very productive knittingwise during my 2nd trimester.  I have a very short list of special people who I know will appreciate knit gifts that are on the list for next year...or really throughout the year too. :)
3.  Time with my family for the holidays!  It is my daughters last Christmas as an only child..and next Christmas will be so different again with a new baby that I wanted to cherish the time we spent together this year.  Not that I'm not looking forward to next year too! :)
4.  PUMPKIN ROLL!  My MIL came to town and she made some pumpkin rolls...I had been dreaming about them since she started talking about them at Thanksgiving! I've had it several times with coffee for breakfast and it is so yummy!  I watched her make it and I may actually have to make it myself soon.

1.  I really didn’t work on much… just some last min teacher gifts… my fav of those was the Drop Stitch Cowls *
2.   sweater for my SIL, it was my order mission… and it turned out perfectly, and fit her like a glove!*

3.  I got a new reed for my loom, which means I can now weave with yarn that’s thicker than fingering weight… can’t wait to try it out on some handspun.  I also got some roving!*
4.  well I’d say it was Christmas dinner… it was so unplanned but it worked out wonderfully! We had braised venison shanks on top of mushroom risotto and a side of green bean bundles (wrapped with prosciutto; a salt cured ham) that were grilled. YUM!… and a glass of red wine.

To be continued...

 *Note:  All photos are the property of the House Member in whose update they appear.  Use with permission only

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