Saturday, January 7, 2012

This Week on the Seventh Floor!!!!

Good afternoon, Gryffindors!

We've been awfully crafty so far this year! To demonstrate, let me give you a breakdown:

  • We have more NEWT students this term than any other House! We have 8 students working on NEWTS; Ravenclaw has 4, Slytherin has 2, and Hufflepuff doesn't have any. ROAR, GRYFFINDOR!!!!!!!!

  • As of right now, 54 Gryffindors have had their OWLs approved! Muggle Studies appears to be our favorite OWL subject this term, with 12 approved Gryffindor OWLs; followed by 7 approved for Arithmancy; 6 for CoMC; 5 for Transfiguration; 4 for Divination, Charms, DADA, and Herbology; 3 for HoM; 2 for Astronomy and AR; and 1 for Potions. Remember, you still have until the end of the month to get those OWL proposals in! Ravenclaw is currently in the lead for approved OWLs (69), followed closely by Slytherin (67). Hufflepuff has had 48 OWLs approved so far.

  • We're doing awesome in Quidditch as well, with 17 projects turned in so far! Of course, Hufflepuff isn't going to give up the Quidditch Cup that easily; they're currently in the lead with 27 projects! Slytherin has 3 projects so far, and Ravenclaw has 2.

  • We've turned in 30 Potions homework assignments so far! My favorite are these mittens from IceJewel

  • In Transfiguration, we've submitted 5 projects! Check out Tangeldav's socks:

  • In HoM, 4 Gryffindors have already turned in their homework. I just LOVE WoolenHorse's tea towel:

  • For Arithmancy, we've completed 7 projects so far! I love knittingnearsided's bee square:

  • We've turned in 7 CoMC assignments as well. Look at these Wildfire Whizz-Bang socks purzelonline has already finished:

  • Gryffindors have submitted 10 projects to Charms so far! I love BlueKittyMeow's fingerless mitts:

  • Muggle Studies has received 4 projects from us. Isn't kbowman123's narwhal the cutest thing?:

  • And for DADA, we've turned in 17 projects! My favorite so far is this hat by amandabyebye (which I promptly queued):

  • We're still ruling Detention this term! Look at this adorable doll submitted by stitchywitchy:

Keep up the fabulous work, Gryffindor! I can't wait to see what else you create this term!

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