Friday, January 6, 2012

A Charity Roar: Welcome To A New Term!

Welcome to a new term of charity knitting and crochet, Gryffindors! As we jump into classes, OWLS, Order missions and Quidditch, I wanted to take some time to review how Mungo's for Muggles works, and let you know more about the charity challenges we've got going already!

I'm adevinelife, and this term I've been joined by FlyKytten to bring you not only charity ideas, but tons of charity challenges! We've got two running right now - one that will continue throughout the term and one for January crafters.

January Yardage Challenge

Hey, everyone! FlyKytten here! Robyn and I were talking, and we decided to do Yardage Challenges this term! So, here’s the first!

For January, use up at least 300 yards of fingering weight in a Charity knit. Now, I know some of you (Robyn, I’m looking at you!) don’t like to use fingering weight! You have two options. First, you can step out of your comfort zone and crochet or knit something in fingering weight (say, a scarf?). OR, you can double or triple strand your fingering weight yarn. In the House Cup official submission for points, take your total yardage, divided by the number of strands, and that answer is your amount for yardage bonus. (So, 300 yards, triple stranded, equals 100 yards for potential bonus points.) HOWEVER. That same project, when you come in here to post it? You can count the ENTIRE 300 yards! Stash busting! ;)

When you post your homework, include this tag: M4MJan11YardageCharityChallenge Just in case the profs are giving bonuses for Unity or Charity! ;)

So, hop to it!


Looking for a way to give back in large measure this term? Love knitting hats but your family and friends have already reached their hat quota for the winter? Then join adevinelife on her quest to knit hats for a Chicago Food Pantry!

Thanks to the magic of Ravelry, I have the pleasure of knowing a woman who knits hats each year for a Chicago Food Pantry. The first week in December each year they have a holiday party for the children who have used the food pantry throughout the year - and last year over 1,000 attended.

Keep in mind this is just one of many food pantries in Chicago.

My dear Ravelry friend took to her needles a few years ago to try to knit hats for these children, but that many hats is too much for any one person to make in one year (even us magical folk might not be able to do it!), so I’ve stepped in to help her out! Last term I knitted along, and this term I’m calling all charitable Gryffindors who love to knit hats to join in on the fun!

Knit a hat, any hat. It can be for babies, little kids, bigger kids or teenagers. It can be made of wool or acrylic or cotton or anything else you can come up with! It can be for boys or girls, and in solids, stripes or any pattern you can find! Turn said hat into a class, and then share about it here! And then here’s the fun part - drop that hat in the mail to me!

I’ll be collecting hats all term, and sending a (hopefully) GIANT box of hats to my friend at the end of term, to keep ready for next year’s party!

Craft For Charity Thanks To Quidditch!

This term, there's a charity option for Quidditch! You can make up to 15 items, earning 15 points each (for 225 points total!!!) and make some items for charity in the process! Don't forget to share your finished items in the Mungo's For Muggles thread and grab your challenge badges as you finish projects!

Next week, I'll be sharing some ideas for charity projects you can turn in for each class, as well as some simple and fast ways to earn the challenge badges for January!

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