Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The one with Girly. Episode 16

We’re joined this week by GirlyWithATwist aka Angela 

Mojo/No Mojo-

Slingshot Turned in for Potions. It’s Fabulous!!! 


Fabulous slingshot for POTIONS 


holy hand grenade 
3 hats 


legwarmers COMC Duel with piperredfern 
Owl proposed
OOTP and my BROOM was accepted. 
cathy’s socks are in the car for knitting when out, also man socks and toothless are hanging around being knit/crochet on if I’m board  

NEWT!!! ~Leah’s stocking is half way done, Yellow socks are past the heels! 




 To spin or not to spin- 

Turned in for DADA 2ply 104.2 yards Bulky 7-8 WPI batt day redux 
Detention- batt day 89.6 yards 14-15 WPI Nply
SIP merino club fiber 
SIP- PS the forest is fascinating. 


cloudlover haunted vineyard, dueling with theresmiling 503yds, Nply~COMC 

my art batt, aka Lav Lav, 185yds 2ply~ DADA 
SIP~ targhee Pacasha’s club fiber MUGGLE STUDIES 
SIP~ superwash merino, fiber optic yarns, Sweet Georgia Brown~ CHARMS

Listen to find out the answers to these questions for the Slytherin HoH!!!
 Questions for G.W.A.T. 1. When did you start reading the HP books. (audio books included) 2. What book is your fave and why? 3. How’d you find the HPKCHC? 4. What is your Roll in HPKCHC? 5. How’d you get into WROCK and do you have a fave group? So how do you and the Slytherin team encourage the awesomeness of winning? Can you share any secrets? Were you always in Slytherin? What made you choose that house your first term/when you switched? What makes Slytherin unique? (i ask in case NQFY’s are listening) 

Wrock Song:
 Hermione Might Be Hot 
by Hogwarts Trainwwreck  

Hermione Jean Creations
 Mayrland sheep and wool 
 we were way off.... Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair, it’s in IL 
Etsymom Team


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