Sunday, January 29, 2012


Good Morning - Good Afternoon - Good Evening all my NQFY'S

Two Topics today 

First lets talk SORTING
I interviewed one of the long time House Cuppers, Oriocookie and her is what she had to say;
Q. How does Sorting work and how do I improve my chances ?
A. First, make sure you are turning in classes as a NQFY because it gives you a higher priority for sorting. When it comes down to it, being active by turning in classes is the sure way. Also, being active in the houses and other activities help. Bottom line, be active. Also, sometimes how you answer questions on the sorting form may impact your chances… be nice to the hat.

Q.  I am lost about this first year B1 what is all that about?
A.  It goes NQFY, 1st - 7th year, the B1,B2, B3, B4… the B is bachelor. I am not sure what will follow the B, possibly M for Masters, or PhD. The house cup has been going since 2008, so 3 years with 3 “years” each one, so the house cup should have 11 or maybe 12 class years including the current one.

Lets talk CUP HISTORY now.
Q.  Did you great all the houses? 
A.  I did create the Seventh floor, but the other house groups were created by members of their houses…at the time, we all had common room threads in the main group, but it was hard for new players to navigate them as the houses got bigger, so I created the Seventh Floor so we could spread out a bit more and do our planning more easily.

the entire hp knitting/crochet house cup was founded by PrincessOnica in July 2008.
the den was founded by needlesnswiffers in December 2009.
the seventh floor was founded by oriocookie in January 2010.
the tower was founded by isisonearth in August 2010.
the snake pit was founded by GirlyWithATwist in September 2010.
There are currently 2940 members of the House Cup via the stat page and it also has
stats at the Housecup of the most Chatty Cathy's,  this month led by yours truly!

Thank you ORIOCOOKIE for your vast knowledge!!

And of course you will want to know what House Unity is all about. 

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