Friday, January 13, 2012

A Charity Roar: Classes And Badges

Hello, hello! Another week has come and gone, and we're almost halfway through the month - how did that happen?!

For those of you who think charity first when plotting your classes for the month, this post may be of no help; however, many folks WANT to knit or crochet for charity but just don't know where to fit those projects in, or don't think they have enough time to knock an extra project out.

Never fear, Robyn is here! Below is a list of each class, and at least two knit and two crochet projects (free patterns, all!) that will fit for each class! As a bonus, each project is small enough that it shouldn't take you long to complete at all!

As for where to donate? Send those hats along to me for the Chicago Food Pantry, those scarves, mitts, and such can be donated to nest: Maine if they're made out of wool, and the squares can be made 12x12 and sent along to the Grffies blankets for babies group!

Transfiguration – Dragon

Option 2: Knit, crochet, spin dye, or weave something that displays the characteristics of particular breed of dragon. (provide the specific name of that dragon.) 

History of Magic (HOM) – Wizard transportation 

Option 2: Students will do well to remember that magical transportation comes with its own set of risks. Consider or report on first-hand observation the dangers involved in your chosen form of transport. 

For this option, story matters most -  hats, scarves and such would be wonderful ways to protect against fire burns while traveling by Floo Powder or to protect from splinching!

Arithmancy – Tessellation or Bees 

Option 2: Craft something with bees on it or relating to bees. 

For this option, there are a number of hats that look like hives or honeycombs!

Potions - Craft something you can make in a short period of time that is just fabulous. 

Craft something quick and fabulous?! Just pick your favorite thing to knit or crochet and whip it up; don't forget to donate it to charity though! 

Muggle Studies – Muggle oceans not wizard 

Option 2 - Craft something inspired by marine biology.

Care of Magical creatures (CoMC) – Quintapeds

Option 2: Transfigure! Use up your stash yarn or fiber and “transfigure” it into something new!

This is the perfect chance to use up that lingering stash! Those odd acrylic balls everyone has laying around in their stash work up into blanket squares in no time!

DADA – Random spells 

Option 2: Deflect the Antler Jinx! Craft something to protect your head. 

Option 3: Cast the Corn-Flaked Skin Jinx! Create something textured.

For either of these options, consider a hat!

Charms – Unbreakable Vow

Option 2 - Craft gloves, mittens or fingerless mitts to represent the way that the Unbreakable Vow wraps around the hands.

These are always in need - donate them to your local shelter or send them off to nest: Maine!

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