Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Common Room, 10-16 February

Between illness, snow and the Hogsmeade weekend, it was a fairly slow week in the common room but some interesting items were posted. 

 Cormic got his RN without becoming a nurse and shows off his ribbon here.  Thoughts on greatness were posted.  There was an easy chimichanga recipe and some real talent was demonstrated.  Apparently Gryffindor dogs are very smart, since they can read.  There was a special ring for Star Trek lovers.  The Great Hall had a special celebration for Valentine's day.  Our Gryffindor PHD shared a link to one of her papers.  A husband's hobby led to a great gift.   One student learned entrelac and another very successfully followed their Arrow.

 There were more owl completions and January class points (including bonus points) were posted for all the Houses.

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