Sunday, February 9, 2014

Common Room 2-8 February

Some of the highlights from this past week in the common room:
  The Book club is now reading the hobbit.  One Gryffindor, already a medical doctor, obtained her PHD with a thesis on dealing with chronic disease. There was an interesting discussion on the different attitudes toward using Midwives in Canada, the UK and Europe, and the U.S.  An alcoholic Butterbeer recipe was posted, as well as a link to a device to help make peanut butter.

Handsome Cormac had a couple of great days.   In more collie love, there was a great modification to a blanket. Another puppy delighted in the new ball knitted for him.

  The Animal Crackers became the 3rd and final pride to reach 100% participation in January.  There was extensive discussion of left-handed knitting and how best to teach it.  One person reached 75% on their NEWT and then more folks followed suit.  Some OWLs also reached their 50% mark..  A number of proposals were given for incorporating blanket squares into the February prompts
and a Sleeping beauty mKAL for a class turn-in was proposed.  A beautiful baby blanket was finished and a knitting coach was spotted at the Olympics.  There was also a link to an article on the  benefits of knitting.

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