Saturday, February 22, 2014

Featured Classroom: Potions

We're almost finished with the month and there have been many wonderful turn ins. Today, lets see what a few of our fellow Gryffindor students have submitted for Potions.

Fitzie turned in this great handspun on the bottom of the picture.

This Follow Your Arrow shawl was turned in by jrf1977.

Knitbunnie turned in this cute little fox hat she knit for her grandson, who looks ever so fetching in it!

Maryb1983 turned in these lovely crocheted hearts to represent the love potion.

Mrsdanvers created this cute stuffed kitty after putting off her obsession for a while.

Phoenixonfire7 created this great rainbow hat to shake off an obsession with multiple sizes of the same hat stitch pattern.

Sameoldknit made these bright socks in an attempt to create a love potion of her own.

Simplyme5252 decided to show off several of the potions colors with these fabulous swirly mittens.

There are plenty more great class turn ins, keep up the good work, Gryffindor!

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