Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pride summary, Jan 30 - Feb 5

The Sugar Quills listed some idea for daily themes and posted a link to a useful spreadsheet from Hufflepuff as well as evidence that Quills are fierce but sweet too. Quirrell got a scarf and a lovely detention shawl was posted.  There was also a strong advocacy for a pom-pom maker.

The Acid Pops achieved 100% class participation in January.  This was helped when one member found her missing mustache and turned it in.  To give them incentives for February, a prize has been offered for 100% participation and another for turning in 50% on OWLs.  One Pop took the trouble to find and post links to some lovely free patterns.

The Fizzing Whizbees posted a  knitting bucket list.  Several members are considering doing temperature or sky scarves.  One member gave ideas on sightseeing and local yarn stores in Denmark.  The Pride was challenged to beat the Bonbons by making 100% class participation in February before the Bonbons do.  

The Exploding Bonbons rocked the pride challenge.  Their hair dye challenge still on, with Knitinferno allowing them to choose the color for her hair if everyone turns in a class by designated date.  They also provided some Quidditch inspiration (put on  your sunglasses before clicking) and suggestions for keeping your nose warm in this cold weather.

The Canary Creams finished a very challenging pair of  socks  and one demonstrated some true slipper love.  A fabulous Mario blanket was quickly adopted by some gamers.  One member missed the deadline for posting a last project in January, but consoled herself with a hat for detention.

The Animal Crackers made a strong case for Australian tourism.  They got some good guidance on counting yardage for marauders missions and for maximizing their points in the Cup.  One finished some delightful sprinkle socks, while another did some serious yarn organization.

The Pepper Imps made a great collages of their January projects, found ferrets who rightly think that knitting is more important than homework, and WIP'd the First.

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