Sunday, February 2, 2014

Common Room, Jan 27 - Feb 1

It's been a quiet week in the common room, mostly  due to illness.  Some of our members continue to suffer bad weather and we all learned the official difference between sleet and freezing rain. Scores for the first Quidditch match were posted, as was a recipe for pizza casserole.  Wedding cakes and customs continued to be hot, with fun links to Harry Potter weddings and to diagrams on how to plan your wedding.  And since it is totally appropriate for a British wedding, some hats were recommended for the mother of the bride. There was even one with built-in snacks.   There was extensive discussion of regional accents, in the UK and the US.   A sweetheart of a puppy found a home. 

With the end of the month, there was a big push to finish classes and to get 100% participation.  An adorable baby dress was put in for this as were some lovely socks.  The Acid Pops became the second pride to reach 100%.  In  addition to classes, 3 Gryffindors reached the 50% mark on their NEWTs.   A call also went out for a "bunting along". We learned the value of procraftinating. and how knitting serves a social purpose.   There was an interesting discussion on whether continental knitting is faster than English style. GazeboGal also alerted the house to the latest saga in the Order thread, good guidelines for everybody.

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