Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Roving Reporting, Time Turner

Hey there everyone, sorry I have been MIA for awhile, the current ick going around slammed into my house and I was down for a week, then my small one and husband got it and are just now starting back to 100%

I know I took a poll for the last class in January, then missed out showing it off due to the ick I mentioned so we are going to use our handy time turner and take a look at some of the turn ins for the winner of the poll by 53% DADA/MuggleStudies

We see hats,



And cowls




And scarves, just to show a few things




DADA/Muggle Studies proved to be a really amazing class.The talent and imagination and color were just amazing. I am very happy I was able to use the time turner to stop in a look around, I recommend you give the time turner a twist and go see for yourself.

A warning though, time turning can be tiring, and lead to staying up to late look at pretty things and looking for new patterns. I am quite drained and am going to go find some chocolate and rest up, tomorrow we will take a look around at what is happening now. Hope to see you there.

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