Monday, February 10, 2014

Study Hall Special

Let's catch up on a couple of Gryffindor's great study halls!

The Charity Hat Challenge has been chugging along with great progress. In January, 181 hats were completed for charity!

Several people are completing hats for their OWLs, including mio's colorful potions hats. She's going for an incredible 60 large hats with a loom. These are just five of the many hats she's made so far this year.

Hats are also being turned in for quidditch, especially the first challenges, which gave a bonus for charity items, or were specific patterns including a hat. This Gryffindor colored hat is from katiemc1229.

Hats are also showing up in classes, of course! This month, there's an extra little challenge to see how many different flags can be represented in Muggle Studies. These three represent Greece, Canada, and Sweden from dejapup.

Not to be outdone, there has been plenty of progress made in the Destash Study Hall. Many people are still going strong with their cold sheep vows, though a few have fallen off the wagon for particularly worthy yarns.

There are some great projects happening, including a cute little cube made out of dishcloth leftovers by Roseinstitches. It was so appealing, her doggy couldn't want to play with it and stole it out of her basket, but who could resist his little face after seeing him with it?!

Puffygriffinclaw was feeling charitable and crafted a pretty baby blanket and took a picture with a cute unicorn.

Jensta79 created a collage of her destash projects for the month, I can see how lots of blanket squares, an impressively done sweater, a great pair of socks, and more adds up to yardage flying out of her stash!

We'll catch up with the other study halls soon, keep an eye out for their impressive projects.

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