Saturday, February 15, 2014

Roving Reporting, The Epidemic

Hi everyone, there is an epidemic going around the castle a serious illness that is knocking down students left and right... They are calling it Hexipox. We are going to look at turn ins from January and February since we missed a roving report in January.

The symptoms of Hexipox might include:

Having multiple sets of DPNs

Finding yourself collecting piles and piles of mini skeins of yarn

Among other symptoms like collecting piles of Hexi charts.

We have students all over the castle who are showing the signs of cases of Hexipuff. Today we are going to take a look around at the castle and look at some of the known cases.

We see Hexipox in Gryffindor



We see signs of Hexipox in Ravenclaw



Hexipox has made it into Hufflepuff to:



Slytherin has not been spared the Hexipox epidemic either:



Hexipox has also found its way to the NQFY Lounge



Now we all know that Hexipox is extremely contagious so proper precautions should be taken before doing to much study on the Hexipox cases around, unfortunately I was not sure the proper precautions before I started roving about and, well I caught it...

The dangers of reporting. Well I am off to make more hexipuffs, see you next time for our next report. And remember if you see yourself developing the symptoms, well all I can wish you is luck.....

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  1. I do NOT need a new obsession! I have managed to avoid this contagion.... but now... ugh! Thanks for all the inspiration.