Sunday, February 19, 2012


                   SHOW ME SOME LOVE

Valentines Day was this last week and we got a peek at what kind of lover we are.  Did you discover something or someone new this Valentines day?  Did you discover that your love for yarn and the house cup was so irresistible that you needed to post that day and maybe even post hearts, flowers or lovely poems? Well, I would like to take it a step further and suggest that everyday should be a day filled with love.  Currently there are threads that allow you to show love by clicking the love button for the projects you love the most.  Great place to start!  But why stop there?  Clicking the love button on peoples projects can be a great way to encourage others in their crafting.  When did you get your first smoosh of a love button?  (lower bottom on every post)  I got mine when I was a NQFY and I was thrilled!!
I thought, someone out there in webspace really loves my project, how great is that!  It made my day and I guarantee that when you smoosh some love out there, you will make someones day.
My advice today :  LIVE - LOVE - LAUGH AND SMOOSH OFTEN!!!!!

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