Friday, February 3, 2012

Feburary Planning~ Episode 20

A- “finger”less gloves for friend
J- Kina(baby sweater)

J- baby tam- write pattern
A- spin cotton balls

 Care of Magical Creatures  
J- spin fingering weight(holyhead harpies YY)
A- spin Blue and green Club fiber merino silk. Lacing the flyer and started already 

Defense Against the Dark Arts 
A- spin Firenze Teaches Divination roving from Younger Yarn.

J- LavLav cowl

History of Magic 
J- spin, PS the veil is lifting 
A- PS P 42 Wallaby...Faux Cashmere.. for Narcissa Malfoy

Muggle Studies 
 J- roving, dye, spin, knit (Leah's legwarmers) 4 parts

A- Reducio something- needed help but decided on mini couch

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