Thursday, February 2, 2012

End of the Month Madness!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW, Gryffindors!

That's all I've got to say about the AWESOME projects we turned in this month! I've compiled a collection of projects turned in during the last few days of January for demonstration purposes. ;)

Check out the baby blanket Puffygriffinclaw submitted to Muggle Studies!

Look at this GORGEOUS shawl Hazelly made for Arithmancy!

These little rings Pixiewear made for Potions are adorable!

Enk designed this football hat for DADA! How cool!

Look at this PRECIOUS little gnome FlyKytten made for Charms!

SavvyKnits made a Link hat for HoM!

Loveswildflowers spun up the gorgeous yarn to represent the Chinese Fireball Dragon for Transfiguration!

Marthapt made the beautiful socks for CoMC!

Orangebuttercat finished this beautiful Noro scarf for Detention!

NaturallyKnitty dyed up all this gorgeous and fluffly-looking roving for Quidditch!

Autumnleaf77's NEWT is coming along beautifully!

Keep up the INCREDIBLE work, Gryffindor! ROAR!

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