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How to play and SCORE!
I think one of the most important things to know about Quidditch is that it is suppose to be fun! This term I am making Barbie clothes and items for a Christmas gift to my granddaughter.  It can be a hat or a dress; a swim top or a purse. No matter, you just completed a throw of the quaffle at the rings and SCORED!!

Quidditch Winter 2012 Schedule of Events
January 1st: Term begins! Huzzah! Students are allowed to start crafting for Quidditch at this time!
January 8th: Captains report by this date with House Positions information. This can be done in the Quidditch Pitch or by earburning suenosdejmi to your House Quidditch Thread.
January 15th: Challenge Quidditch 1 begins 12:00 AM PST
January 21st: Challenge Quidditch 1 ends 11:59 PM PST
February 3rd: Challenge Quidditch 2 begins 12:00 AM PST
February 16: Challenge Quidditch 2 ends 11:59 PM PST
March 1st: Challenge Quidditch 3 begins 12:00 AM PST
March 21st: Challenge Quidditch 3 ends 11:59 PM PST
March 31st: Last Day of Term. Seeker Presentations due before 11:59 PM PST.
Remember to tag all quiddich projects with NQFYQW12

So far we have these NQFY student that have turned in Quidditch and scored ! Great job ALL
[Dottydori](person), [cyberjill](person), [dejapup](person), [dingomaria](person), [enlighten1](person), [maineknitter1975](person), [MaTrish](person) and [xallanthia](person)

DottiDori has three of these submissions! Way to Quench the Quaffle!

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