Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Welcome Gryffindors, New and Old!

Congratulations on being sorted into the noble House of Godric Gryffindor! All the Houses are awesome, but there's just something about Gryffindor that feels like HOME, and I know I speak for all of Gryffindor when I say that we are more than glad to have you!

There are several things that make Gryffindor different from the other Houses, so I'm writing this as a sort of "Get to Know Your House" message. I'm including lots of links to make it easy to find your way around the Seventh Floor--the Ravelry group where we are located. You don't have to participate in all the activities; in fact, it's very hard to do so, but we do like to have options. ;) They are meant to encourage you to earn more points, but they are all 100% OPTIONAL. Note: Gryffindor House activities require NO extra crafting!!!! Anything you are already making for points should be able to fit in here. We're also sort of known for liking shiny badges, and more activities = more possible badges. So without further ado, here are our activities this term (in no particular order):

  • Chocolate Frog Cards: This seems to be one of the primary things we are known for. Hufflepuff has some too, but theirs aren't quite like ours. To get a Gryffindor chocolate frog card, you have to 1) be a Gryffindor, and 2) turn a project in for a class, Quidditch, and/or the Headmistress Challenge. Basically, you get a chocolate frog card for every class you complete throughout the term, as well as for completing Quidditch, and the Headmistress Challenge. AND you get entered into the Gryffindor prize drawing once for every chocolate frog card you earn. For those of you who'd like to keep track of all the chocolate frog cards you've collected, I've created a Gryffindor Chocolate Frog Card Master List here that you can download. I update it every month after the new chocolate frog cards are posted.

  • Marauder's Missions: These were developed last term, and they were so popular that students from all over Hogwarts came up to the Seventh Floor to play. This term, however, you MUST be a Gryffindor (or a NQFY/SoS) in order to complete a Marauder's Mission. You can do up to two, and you can do any mission solo or as part of a team. Joining a Marauder's Mission team is a GREAT way to get to know your housemates if you are new!

  • The Weasley Sisters Podcast: Yes, Gryffindor has its very own podcast, hosted by Head Girl StarKnits and Prefect NaturallyKnitty (who are sisters in real life)! They discuss all sorts of House Cup-related things, and sometimes they even have giveaways!

  • NEWT/OWL Study Group: A place for us to plan and chat about our Advanced Studies (including OotP Missions). We even have scheduled chat nights devoted to this (although we sometimes have a hard time staying on topic)!

  • Broom Cupboard: Links to projects that can be completed in just a day or two (because quite a few of us are procrastinators, and/or we get so caught up in the awesomeness of Quidditch that we forget we have yet to submit something for a class!).

  • Take Up the Gauntlet Challenge: A challenge/KAL we're doing this term for mittens, gloves, and fingerless mittens/gloves. If you're planning to make a pair for any point-earning activity in the Cup, please feel free to join us! Oh, and there will be badges!

  • Owl Post: RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) a fellow Gryffindor!

  • Swap: We have a swap every term! Another great way to get to know your housemates! And who doesn't love swaps?!

  • MCMCCM (Mission for the Collection of Muggle Cleaning Cloths for Molly): This term, we're helping Mrs. Weasley spice up her marriage by crafting as many dishcloths (and other muggle cleaning-related things) as possible during the first week of each month. (Oh, the things she does for Mr. Weasley!) If you turn EIGHT objects into one class (the same class, so ONE homework assignment; this is meant to maximize yardage bonus points), you'll be entered into a drawing for a Ravelry pattern up to $5. There will also be badges! (Did I mention we really like badges?)

  • Spin-Along with the Weasley Sisters: The Weasley Sisters (from the podcast) are hosting a spin-along! Get out your wheels and spindles and spin for at least one class a month! Spinning is an EXCELLENT way to maximize yardage bonus points, because you earn bonus points for the number of yards multiplied by the number of plies in your yarn.

  • Mungo's for Muggles: Gryffindors tend to be very charitable, so we have charity challenges every term (and you can earn... badges!!!!).

  • Sock Club: Whether your planning your very first pair of socks, or finishing the last stitch on your 697th, come join us for love, support, encouragement, help, or just to show off your socks!

  • Gryffie Gym: Our very own Certified Personal Trainer, Jajigirl, helps us find time to squeeze health and fitness into our crafting euphoria! Sometimes there are even prizes and--you guessed it--badges!

  • Gryffindor Shops: Our very own corner of Diagon Alley! Links to shops owned by your fellow Gryffindors, with AWESOME handmade Harry Potter merchandise (most of which is crafting related as well; hand-dyed YARN, anyone????)!

  • Language Practice (for International Cooperation): Interested in learning a new language? Need to practice that language you learned in muggle high school? Take advantage of the resources available here, including the love, support, encouragement, and help your fellow Gryffindors are always there to provide!

  • Writing Workshop: A lot of professors give bonus points for storytelling. Here's a place to get tips and help if you need it!

  • Blankets for Gryffindor Babies: Interested in contributing a blanket square (or two, or three, or four, or more!!!!!) for a baby blanket made especially for a future Gryffindor? There's a thread for that!

  • WIP the 1st! Challenge: Every month, Gryffindors earn a badge if they submit a Detention project on the 1st. Getting WIPs out of the way is a great feeling! There's also a special badge for those who turn in Detention all three months of term.

  • HoH Challenge: Our Head of House, Lupingirl, gives us a new challenge every month! You get a badge if you complete it!

I'm sure more House activities will be developed throughout the term. Participate if you want to, but please don't feel like you have to! We all have real lives, and nobody wants you to be overwhelmed! The House Cup is supposed to be fun, so do what YOU enjoy doing.

Again, welcome to Gryffindor! :)


  1. I'm just waiting for there to be a badge for patronizing a Gryffindor shop...


    Love this post, by the way! Definitely helpful!

  2. What an awesome post!! I have played my 2 terms in the game in Hufflepuff. I love that house but I asked for a term abroad in Gryffindor b/c all of the extras you detailed above made me want to come over and ck this out. I am really looking fwd to this term!

    (rav name - mommyne)

  3. Looking great! This is a wonderful way to belong and know where to find it all!

  4. Great post! I want to do everything!!

  5. Awesome summary HM! We are going to ROCK & ROAR this term!

    aka... naturallyknitty