Saturday, December 31, 2011


Good Day all you NQFY Gryffindor Hopefuls!  
Now you may wonder why I make this stretch between Hogwarts and Warthogs, but I felt this was the picture of empowerment! So here we go with a new term and many new opportunities.When I was new to the cup, I remember feeling overwhelmed and worried that I would ask a dumb question or seem silly to someone. Turns out, I did both!  So let's get some of those questions out of the way this week and in the weeks to follow.
  1. How do I grab all the badges I earn?  I like to open two windows and put one on my profile.  You choose edit my profile. In the other window, right click on the badges you earn, and pick save image. Go back to profile window, right click in the picture icon at the bottom and when the insert box comes up, right click, insert your image of your fabulous badge and don't forget to save.
  2. How do I make friends?  I admit I am not famous at this but I would recommend being kind, using lots of smiley faces and never ever ever tell someone they can't knit.  Cake and hot cocoa and other foods help too!
  3. How do I upload pictures of all my projects? Go and look here for the tutorial!
Now, for the being silly part.......................well, it's grand to be me :D

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