Friday, December 16, 2011

Random Interview

It's that time again!
Random Interview time. This time I sat down with IceJewel and picked her brain for a bit. Here's what she had to say.
What’s your Rav name?
What do the muggles call you?
What year are you in the HC?
This Winter I will be a 4th year.
What you do in muggle world?
I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mama of 4 beautiful, noisy, tiring, sweet, onery, joyful children. I have a B.S. in Radio Broadcasting with a major-equivalent in Bible, and left the bustling world of horse and farm trade publishing to stay home with my kids. Yeah, it really wasn’t that bustling. More like moseying.
Do you knit, crochet, or spin? Tri-craftual? Bi-craftual?
I have been knitting since December of 2008, and am just now getting into spinning. I can crochet a chain, but it takes so long that it’s not really worth it. The project I had to use a provisional cast-on for (with a crochet hook) has been sitting in the naughty box for almost a year.
What’s your fave craft? (if you had to choose)
Right now it’s knitting. I also scrapbook, but haven’t done much of that since I picked up knitting.
Maxi Color

Do you have a fave project to date? (photos?)
One thing about me is that I am a terribly indecisive person. There is no possible way I can ever have just one favorite anything. Lucky for you I’ve only been knitting for three years. I think my top three are probably the two big projects from this last term and a scarf from spring term:
MaxiColor (HoM OWL)--The first dress I’ve attempted, the first actual garment that really turned out well, and my first large dyeing job. 
Red Macaws (BROOM)--This is the first pair of socks I’ve made that actually fit.  
Jackson (class)--First large beading and lace project.
Red Macaws
What Inspires You?
I think I have to say my children. I am one of those obnoxious people who only ever wanted to have a huge brood of children and pour myself heart, soul and body into my family. Most of my knitting is for my children, and what doesn’t go to them goes to my husband or our extended family. I have a whole lot of other stuff going on, and they are not the main focus of my life, but they sure take up a huge part of it and I definitely think they inspire me.
Do you have a green thumb?
I have more of a pale mint colored thumb. I try, I really do. And I love to research so I will spend months reading and learning how to garden just THE RIGHT way, and then I will screw it all up. I’ll get some vegetables, but not as much as I could if I actually enjoyed it enough to keep it weeded.
Are you a good speller?
I am an excellent speller. (And now I have to skim through what I’ve already done and make sure there are no mistakes…good. WHEW!) In fact I automatically catch misspellings and grammar mistakes in other people’s work; it’s just something I can’t turn off. I have to remind myself to give others grace; I never know what’s going on with them. If you catch a typo from me, it was likely typed on my phone. The Android auto-correct and I have a love/hate relationship going on; I’ll try to correct the mistakes and it will just make more and eventually I’ll just give up and spit some child-friendly swear word at it.
What kind of critters are you scared / nervous of?
I really, really hate what we call June Bugs. I think further south they might go by the name Mayflies. They just make my skin crawl.
Do you collect anything? What?
YARN!! Lol. Not much else, really. I used to collect scrapbooking supplies, and for a while after dh and I were married I went through a toy phase. I think I was trying to reclaim my childhood or something; I collected Beanie Babies when they were all the rage, and Barbies. Oh! Books! Of course I collect books. We homeschool, so the house is full of books! They’re in every room save the bathroom, and only because I don’t trust a 2 yo in a room with both a toilet and a book. ;) Sadly, though, I haven’t bought very many books for myself in years. There’s only so much spare cash, you know, and there is no yarn library (which is a pity, don’t you think?).
What is something that makes you cringe?
The sound of a fork scraping on a plate. It sets my teeth on edge and makes my jaw clench…oh, it’s terrible. Worse if I accidentally scrape it myself and feel the vibration.
Do you have any weird habits? What?Hmm….I count everything. Steps, tiles, whatever. I count to stay awake, to distract myself from something distressing, or to keep myself going. I’m in poor shape so you’ll see this most often if I’m climbing stairs--I count to focus on something other than my screaming muscles and overworked lungs.
What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?
I worry about the time. I know that if I get up before 6:30 I’ll have time for devotions and exercise and if I do, my whole day goes really well. But if I don’t the kids will interrupt me and I’ll lose my chance. If I don’t exercise I’ll be tired throughout the day, but if I don’t take time for devotions I turn into this sad, unmotivated lump who gets nothing done. Especially in the winter; I suspect it’s SAD but have never been diagnosed.
and now for the randomness
Is the glass half empty or half full?

Half full. Obnoxiously, constantly half full…even when it’s almost empty. Even when there’s no reason to think it should be full, I know that someday it will be full again.
If you could meet any one person (from history or currently alive), who would it be?
Besides Jesus? Maybe an author whose work I’ve really liked. I don’t know. I think people, in general, are much more interesting the way I imagine them than how they would turn out to be in realy life. But I think I would like to meet Michelle Duggar…I think she would probably have some really fantastic parenting advice.

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