Friday, December 30, 2011

Calling All Charity Knitters!

It's a new term, and it's also a winter term, and that means folks around the world are in need of some warm and woolie goodness! In the Gryffindor Tower there's a group of us that hang out in the Mungos For Muggles thread, sharing our charitable crafting ideas and cheering each other on as we craft for others!

If you joined up last term, you already know a bit about how this Gryffie group works, but for those folks who are joining our team for the first time, here’s a bit about how we work.

 Mungos For Muggles was formed when a small group of Gryffindors recognized a need - a need in the Muggle community for a bit of extra warmth during the winter months. It would seem non-magic folk have a real poverty problem all across the world - for some reason they can’t figure out how to keep everyone warm!

Thanks to our magical leanings, we witches and wizards have jumped in to help, forming a division of St. Mungo’s Hospital dedicated to warming up the Muggle community … and because of the inspiring number of Gryffindors with charitable leanings, a Gryffindor student chapter was formed during the fall term!

To participate, simply craft something for charity and turn it in for a class! Many Gryffindors already have charity projects they complete regularly, and charity groups they donate to often. If that’s you, just keep doing what you’re doing, and show up here to share your projects!

If you’d like to play along, but don’t already have charity projects or organizations in mind, have no fear! This term,

FlyKytten and adevinelife will be sharing regular challenges to help get the charity projects flowing off your needles and hooks, giving you a few extra badges to earn along the way while also helping earn more points for Gryffindor and also bring some much needed items to charities around the globe!

Get your needles, hooks and yarn ready to go - this term we charitable Gryffs are going to do some serious good!

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