Monday, February 11, 2013

More Beautiful Projects to Drool Over

Feeling the mid-month slump? If you're finishing up your first project, and looking for some inspiration for the next, here are some beautiful projects that your fellow Gryff's (and NQFY's) have been working on!

HellieCreed knit these adorable critters for Charms.
Charming Bunnies!

maggievanderstok turned this:
Love Potions
into this:
Love Potions

kbowman123 created these for Muggle Studies
High-Five Wristers

mermaidboo made this for Muggle Studies, as well.
Simple Baby Beanie

glittergirl94 made this beautiful cowl!

and maggievanderstok knit these lovely socks.
Mini Cables and Diamonds

LadyGreyy created this amazing necklace.
Celtic Heart Knot Necklace

guenevol put this together for Care of Magical Creatures.
Chinese Fireball Square
double sided!
Chinese Fireball Square

kmroberton dyed this for divinations:
Kraemer Yarns Sterling Silk  Silver

And letsgoblue created this for DADA!
Tied Capelet

I hope this inspired you to pick up your needles! What are you planning on working on this week?

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