Thursday, February 7, 2013

February Project Round-up

February is already flying by! For those who are starting to finish up their first projects of the month but aren't sure which class to submit them in, here's a brief round-up of the class prompts. For some more inspiration, I suggest visiting The Weasley Sisters!

Option 1- Duplicate something that you've made before in a different color
Option 2- Use felting or steeking techniques to create a project that protects an object or hides secret knowledge
Option 3- Spin two or more color changed fibers together
Option 4- dye something in support of a Hogwarts house.

Care of Magical Creatures:
Option 1- craft something inspired by the Chinese Fireball

Defense Against the Dark Arts: 
Option 1- Complete a project using a technique, pattern, tool, fiber, or method that you have failed with in the past.
Option 2- Create something that protects you from or helps you get over a cold.

Option 1- Craft a project inspired by Lapis Lazuli (blue), Malachite (green), Citrine (yellow), or Jasper (red).

Option 1- Craft something in the brown color family.
Option 2- Craft something with 2 distinct parts.
Option 3- Craft something with lines or curves.

Option 1- Craft something you dislike working with, but that is desirable to someone else.
Option 2- Use nupps, bobbles, the popcorn stitch, clubs, beehives, or another bubbly technique.
Option 3- Craft something for your car or gas driven vehicle.

Muggle Studies:
Option 1- Represent a part of winter travel.
Option 2- Create something to help someone stay warm during travel.

Option 1- Craft something reminiscent of one of your favorite smells.
Option 2- Wonderwitch Products; take a body and craft something you observe in its details.
Option 3- Craft something inspired by the Tragic Merope Gaunt.

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