Friday, May 25, 2012

Its mostly about Quidditch (with Stuartsmom)! Episode 33

  Mojo/No Mojo:
 Purse for trip
mini butterbeer and pumpkin juice for reducio.

no project page or photos yet. (but Jessica is sneaky and took this from FB, muahahaha)

 business card cozy (DADA)
 first woven scarf! (Flying)
 Mini socks for Q

 Croswired socks -TDS practice
Test Crochet Scarf -

nada... i should CO for a gnome...

 To spin or not to spin:
 Loop batt
 OWL- spinning

 targhee... newt.... still working on 2nd charcoal batt

Sponsored by:

The month of May is brought to you by Alina Shea Creations!  In her shop you can find a beautiful selection of hand dyed yarn from laceweight to bulky, herbal remedies, including my favorite lotion bars, and a few different kinds of salves. All are wonderful and worth every penny! Alina Shea Creations is a sponsor of Tour De Sock and that means you get extra points if you use her yarn! So stock up! Right now you can get 15% off using the coupon HogwartsTour2012 .

Tour De Sock talk. Signups open
registration will close on May 29... $7.50, a portion of the fee goes to dr without borders Starts on June 1st, 2012. There will be 6 stages, aka 6 pair of socks to be knit!
 Stage One - June 1 at Noon (Central Time US)
 Stage Two - June 10
 Stage Three - June 19
 Stage Four - June 28
 Stage Five - July 7
 Stage Six - July 16
 supply list

 Gryffindor Swap is now open.
sign ups close on the 31st.

Allena: Magical world of HP and Univeral trip photos

Jessica: new loop club bullseye bump!

Stuartsmom joins us!... all about Quidditch!:
listen to hear all about it!!! I'm not going to put it all in the show notes... just a few links and stuff!

Quiddylympics breakdown in an awesome presentation! CHECK IT OUT!

Ravalympic events that go well together:

Upcoming Quidditch Dates:
May 18-28th: The first competition: Crochet/Knit Mini-sock Sprint! 
 June 2-15: The second competition: House Colours Biathalon! 
 June 30th: Teams need to be announced for the Tea Cosy Time Trial in this thread. 
 July 2-16:The final Challenge: Tea Cosy Time Trial! (End date may vary) 
 July 3-24th: This space reserved. 
 July 25th: Dress Robe designers have designed a Unity House robe, ready to be worn by by all members of Team HPKCHC 
 July 27th: Opening Ceremonies of Ravelympics! Everybody Cast on!!/ Start on your WIPs!!/ Begin your Aerial Unwinding!! 
 August 12th, 3:59:59 pm PST: Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics; last moment in which to submit a project for a badge 
 August 12th, 11;59:59 pm PST: Quidditch Whistle is blown - End of submissions for Quidditch points. Also end to Spring 2012 term. All collages or videos to have been turned in by this time as well.

  If you’d like to sponsor us please contact SK or NK. Or if you’d like to come on the show we’d love to have you just contact us and we’ll work something out.

 Wrock Song:
 gryffindor rally cry by ministry of magic
Youtube video
 Gryffindor video from last term

 The Weasley Sisters podcast thread

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