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By My Knitting Mother! episode 34

Mojo/No Mojo:
DADA Partial and then WIP’d the first
(is this not the cutest pic of Bella?!)

 baby gnome hat
lion finger puppet/chapstick cozy

TDS socks

Order Mission, sweater for Trevor, sleeves done!
TdS stage 1 socks. (pic is not the true color... it's a lot more vibrant!)

 To spin or not to spin:
508.34 yards Nply 17-18 WPI
OWL- spinning
 New fiber from fiber of the month

 Jessica: targhee... newt.... finished 2nd(of 8) batts... started on yellow batt.

Allena: won a scarf for reaching her goals!

Tour De Sock talk.
Picked all my yarn out for TDS
Magical world of HP and Univeral trip photos

corgi hill fiber!'
my TDS yarn picks:

Spoiled in my stitch marker swap!

 I finally started watching Dr WHO!

Planning Part of the Podcast: 

Charms- Undetectable Extension Charm
Option 1: Craft a bag of some sort for use in practicing the charm. Purse, market bag, dice bag, saddle bag, whatever. You have to have something to start with, right?
Option 2: Create wizard space by creating something that contains more than it appears. Knit or crochet with yarn held double. That’s one way to pack more in than you might expect! (For scoring purposes, your yardage for option two will be halved.) Spinners -try spinning a 3-ply, 4-ply, billion-ply (you get the idea) yarn. For the purposes of this class N-ply will be considered a multi-ply method.
 Jessica~ *IF* i have time i want to make a bag for my wheel accessories...

 CoMC- Mooncalf 
Option 1 - Create a project to help you blend into the surrounding area so you don’t scare the mooncalf. Option 2 - Create something to make a mooncalf’s burrow more comfortable since it spends so much time in there.
Option 3 - Create a project inspired by the mooncalf’s physical appearance.
Option 4 - Create a project connected to the mooncalf’s monthly appearance outside its burrow (the “crop circles,” the dances, the mooncalf’s comfort).
Jessica~ socks?! (flat feet or dancing.... some sort of tie in to those?!) or the comfort of the mooncalf. Allena-

 DADA- Dark Wizard Herilooms/Borgin and Burkes 
Option 1: Craft a defense to the item you studied in Borgin and Burkes. Please explain the object’s dark purpose and how your project defends against it. It might be an object described in our history texts, or one you found that has not yet been studied by magical historians. For instance, if you were fascinated by a cursed necklace, you might craft something to keep your own neck safe from it, or some mittens or gloves to allow you to handle it safely. Spinners and dyers, spin or dye yarn that represents the characteristics of the object you chose. Students are encouraged to use the item they crafted for History of Magic as the source of inspiration for their DADA homework, and providing a link to your History of Magic homework in your turn in post will earn you extra points!
Option 2: If the item you studied at Borgin & Burkes is giving you too much trouble, team up with a student from a different house to see if you can help each other with your dark magic problems. Craft a defense against the item your partner found in Borgin and Burkes, and they will craft the defense against the item you found. Please explain how you helped the other student defend against the dark magic item in your turn in post, and link to your partner’s History of Magic turn-in post. For example, if your friend from Ravenclaw depicts a cursed necklace for HoM, and you are in Hufflepuff, Slytherin, or Gryffindor, you could make a cowl to guard against that necklace. Your DADA turn in post would include a link to your friend’s HoM project.
 Allena- cursed toe ring? for socks

 Flying - Flying by the seat of your pants... 
 Craft by the seat of your pants: Make a project that requires on-the-fly adjustment or where you don’t know from the start exactly what you will be doing every step of the way. Improvise! Some examples might be something you need to try on the recipient partway through to determine how long to make it. Spinners perhaps you would like to spin an art yarn. Dyers, maybe you want to use an impulsive dyeing method. Craft a pair of pants or trousers.

 Herbology-Flutterby bush 
Option 1: Flutterby bushes are a popular wedding decoration in the wizarding world. You may craft something inspired by all or part of the old adage: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Examples of this might be something made from a vintage pattern or with old tools, a new pattern you made up, a project inspired by something you saw a fellow student make, or anything blue.
Option 2: Flutterby bushes quiver and shake. Craft something that has movement. Examples might be physical movement, like a mobile, or movement in color or pattern. For the latter, please explain the movement clearly in your turn in.
Option 3: Molly Weasley prepared for Bill and Fleur’s wedding by removing the clutter around her front door and replacing it with Flutterby Bushes. Craft something pleasant to improve a cluttered/forgotten areas. Need a new basket to help tidy up a cluttered coffee table? Need to tidy up the pile of shoes by the door? Craft it!
Jessica~ I have blue socks planned for tds... “something blue” opt 1

 History of Magic- Borgin and Burkes 
Option 1: Craft something based on an item you would find in Borgin and Burke’s. Some examples of items can be found here. Students studying these dark items may choose to involve themselves in a collaboration with the DADA classroom.
Option 2: Craft something inspired by someone you know or suspect would be a patron of Borgin and Burke’s. Optional HoM/DADA collaboration: If you look at option 1 in this classroom, and then read through your options in DADA, you’ll quickly notice a connection. One has you studying an item from Borgin and Burke’s and the other has you defending against it! Students interested in these areas of study may choose to participate in an optional HoM/DADA collaboration, either as individuals or in pairs. As individuals, students may complete separate, related projects for HoM and DADA, and then link those two turn-in posts together when they hand in those assignments. Students who wish to work in pairs must team up with someone from a separate house, craft related projects, and link those two turn-in posts when they hand in their assignments. In either case, the links between the two turn-in posts must work, and of course you need to remember to include the connection between them in your discussion. Oh, and bonus points may be involved in this in-depth form of study!
All Rav crafts, fabric sewing, and quilting are being accepted (see post #1 for details). Non-Rav craft requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Requests may be made in the thread or via PM to a professor.
Jessica-green socks i’m making now, for opt 2 (hello Draco!,) TdS stage 1

 Muggle Studies- Muggle Currency 
 Option 1. Spin, Knit, Crochet, Weave, or Dye something inspired by the colour or shape of Muggle Currency.
 Option 2. Spin, Knit, Crochet, Weave, or Dye something inspired by the subject of Muggle Currency. Many bills and coins have a famous person or landmark on the face or back. A shawl depicting the Phoenix Hall from the back of the Japanese 10 Yen coin? A dye job inspired by a photo of Sir Ian Conies Ross, the person depicted on the back of the Australian $50 note? Sell it!
 Option 3. Spin, Knit, Crochet, Weave, or Dye something incorporating Muggle Currency. A yarn spun with coins in it, a woven scarf with Confederate States currency -- sell it! Mimic Muggle Currency. Bills have two sides - double knitting? Many coins have ridged edges - a sawtooth edging on a shawl? Sell it! Jessica~ possibility for socks, color of money...
Allena~ lots of fun options!

Potions-Drinkable Potions 
 Option 1) brew up a Potion using Food Safe means (Kool Aid, Easter Egg Dyes, food colouring, food etc) and dye a skein of Yarn with it. please remember to include either a detailed description or photos of how you achieved this.
 Option 2) Knit/Crochet/ weave an item with yarn that has been previously dyed with food safe dyes. 3) craft something that reminds you of summer and especially summer drinks
Jessica- if i have to i could dye some of the yarn i was going to use for a 2colored sock for tds...

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