Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The one where Jessica has all the FO's Episode 31

 Mojo/No Mojo: 
 WIP’d the first Cardio Monster 

 dishcloth for detention slytherin merit badge (house unity/detention) 
felted laptop cozy( CoMC) 
felted power cord bag (Charms) 

 Croswired socks -TDS practice 
Test Crochet Scarf - 

test knit shawl/wrap “JudyB” ( I need to finish this SOON... i’m late on the deadline) 

To spin or not to spin: 
Allena: Loop batt 
OWL- dyed roving and started spinning 

Spinning newt fiber, one smallish skein of the charcoal is done. 

 Sewing -
Pocket Bags and I think I broke my sewing machine. 

I made up some tanks for the girls... Upcycyled some older T-shirts.... 

way cool blog with a TON of links.... 

The month of May is brought to you by Alina Shea Creations

In her shop you can find a beautiful selection of hand dyed yarn from laceweight to bulky, herbal remedies, including my favorite lotion bars, and a few different kinds of salves. All are wonderful and worth every penny! 

 Alina Shea Creations is a sponsor of Tour De Sock and that means you get extra points if you use her yarn! So stock up! Right now you can get 15% off using the coupon HogwartsTour2012

 About TdS, it is $7.50, a portion of the fee goes to dr without borders and it starts on June 1st, 2012. There will be 6 stages, aka 6 pair of socks to be knit/patterns to get! 

Noni Flowers   

Allena's haul 3 T-shirts. 
6lb Cormo Fleece 
8.5lb Lincoln/border leicester Fleece
2 loop batts 
2 purchases from Hobbledehoy
1 brush for cleaning the carder. 
Meet up with The Knit Girllls and Diane from Knitabulls 
Fleece and Fiber Sorce book!

 If you’d like to sponsor us please contact SK or NK. Or if you’d like to come on the show we’d love to have you just contact us and we’ll work something out. 

 Wrock Song: 
 Don’t Touch That! by MC Kreacher 

 The Weasley Sisters podcast thread

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