Sunday, March 4, 2012


Hogsmead Weekend Field Trip was all the Groove!

Hosted in the Main Group:
  • Hogsmeade Station : The Info Thread! Got questions or need to meet your friends in a central location? Come here!
  • The Three Broomsticks: Bring your friends and stop in for an along!
  • Gladrags Wizardwear: Crafting! Make tiny tiny wizard gear!
  • Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop: Crafting! Hexapuffs! Come share your current ones, make new ones, or try one for the first time!
Hosted in Gryffindor:
  • The Shrieking Shack: Conversational! Gather with your fellow House Cup students to swap stories of what happens when crafting goes wrong.
  • Honeydukes Sweet Shop: Crafting! Lots of sweet stuff at Honeydukes.
Hosted in Hufflepuff:
  • Dervish & Banges: Crafting! Get your reparo on! Repair finished projects or make new projects to assist in repairs or maintenence!
  • Owl Post: Crafting! Owls make the wizard world go round, one message at a time. Visit the Post Office for some fun activities related to our favorite bird.
Hosted in Ravenclaw:
  • Scrivenshaft’s Quill Shop: Crafting! Explore the wonderful world of paper crafts. Things made at Scrivenshaft may not be eligible to be turned in for classes accepted non-Ravelry crafts
  • Tomes and Scrolls: Crafting! All about books!
Hosted in Slytherin:
  • Zonko’s Joke Shop: Conversational! What happens when you let 2 Slytherins, a Hufflepuff, and a Ravenclaw loose in a joke shop hosted in the Snake Pit? You’ll have to click the link to find out. Remember, in Slytherin, Disagree = Awesome!
  • Hogs Head Pub: Conversational! Pull up a chair and grab your favorite drink and share stories of your family, pets, and more! Different themes daily, so be sure to check back often!

    Some NQFY PROJECTS TO FEATURE by Hapagirl, Xallanthia and Guenevol!!

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