Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Short One! Episode:26

Mojo/No Mojo: 
 OoTP Done and turned in 

Sewing this is only half 

 Joe’s stocking and mine! All 6 are done!!!

 OWL- Pattern in Testing still need size 12 tester deadline is now April 13th 
Cardio Monster 

Gabe’s vest.~ HOM 
NEWT knitting: handspun gryffie socks. just a few more inches to go! 

To spin or not to spin: 
Turned in dyeing experiment for potions 

SIPs XX YY XYspinning. 

 Done,~ bfl honeydukes mash up(xx, xy, yy)~ POTIONS 1,023yds total (3 skeins, of 2ply) 

Done ~ Loop batt~ TRANSFIGURATION 683yds of Nply 

Roving i dyed for my friend Katie... will be next on the wheel. ARITHMANCY 

 Wrock Song: 
 Necessity by Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls 

The Weasley Sisters podcast thread 

Allena’s pattern testing thread for Fancy Vest 
(still needs a size 12 tester)

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