Saturday, June 11, 2011

DADA June 2011

Hello fellow Gryffs!

This month's DADA assignment seems fairly vague and open-ended. Perhaps you're like me, and rather than giving you options it's left you feeling like you have no ideas at all! If that's the case, hopefully some of these suggestions will get your creative juices running.

Here are the options:

  • Option 1: “Only the difference between truth and lies, courage and cowardice”- craft something that reveals a truth about your character, don’t be afraid to let your true self shine.

  • Option 2: “Cruciatus is as Cruciatus does”- craft something that is either painfully dull, painfully difficult or will actually cause pain.

  • Option 3: “Your best Defense is a good Offense”- Craft something that could bind and secure an opponent. Spinning a length of binding material either substantial and bulky or of a very fine wight that has been enchanted with a spell of holding might be of particular use. As the consequences of coming up short could be dire, be sure to produce a sufficient quantity.

Option 1 is fairly personal. Here are some brain-joggers to get you started, though:

  • Are you a generous, giving person? Craft something to give as a gift. Alternatively, be brutally honest about your selfish nature and make something to keep!

  • Do you love a challenge? Are you always working on the next goal? Tackle a new technique!

  • Maybe you're a couch potato. Make up some felted slippers or a remote control caddy.

  • Are you relaxed? Do you go with the flow, drifting gently through life? Represent this with a light shawl or scarf with fabulous drape.

  • Are you afraid you fib too often, or would you like to watch your tongue? Hold it in with a gorgeous cowl. Wish you didn't always believe everything you hear? Stop those ears up with a thick earwarmer. (btw: I've made that first one. It works up really nice.)

The possibilities there are really endless, but I hope that at least gets you thinking. Option 2 is equally personal.

  • What causes you pain? For me, it's stuff knit at a tight gague, like stuffed toys, or working with acrylic, cotton, or other fiber with very little give. Perhaps the pain is emotional, such as the cathartic pain that comes with making something to remind you of a lost loved one. Maybe the pain is more suggested than inflicted: Bob0mb Hand Grenade Nunchaku.

  • What's your definition of painfully dull? A stockinette afghan? A garter stitch shawl? The fingers of a glove or a simple drawstring bag? Maybe it's not a stitch pattern that you find dull, but an activity you can represent: do you find reading dull? A bookmark makes a quick project. Remember the couch potato above? That's me. I find running painfully dull. Here are some running shoe slippers, perfect for me! Surely there's an activity you find equally dull, or maybe a show or book. Drop them in the pattern search box! You're bound to come up with something. (A tip for a happy hubby/SO: use this class as the perfect opportunity to make him something in his favorite team colors. For a little while you'll both forget how boring you find sports! :)

  • Painfully difficult: this is a good chance to try out fair isle, steeking, intarsia or some other tricky technique. Alternatively, try crafting in crazy situations: while on the treadmill or stationary bike, while walking or hiking or while playing piano with your toes! Just remember two things: 1) pics or it didn't happen! Make sure you have memory/battery life before you start. 2) be careful! Otherwise your painfully difficult may turn into actually painful!

Option 3: If you're not spinning, this is a good time to craft that belt you never got around to making last month for astronomy. Or make a simple i-cord or sc rope. With a good story, you could also sell something you plan to gift: Perhaps that pair of socks you're making for a potential love will bind his heart to you.

I hope that helps you come up with some project ideas! There's a lot of leeway here; there should be something you can use.

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