Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CRR pages 261-285

First we have an absolutely beautiful cake!  It took me awhile to realize it is a cake.  CS finally found an antique spinning wheel.  Congratulations!  JB's pets are ADORABLE!!!  (I think the middle picture is my favorite.  Harry Potter coffee mugs.  JB has Amazing Google Guitar skills!  Sparty's lamp, yarn, and storage look nice.  Good goingPretty yarn!  I think I should youtube Daniel Radcliffe's musical from all the chatter about it.  TKJ passed her practical exam!!!!  YAY!!!!  Pictures for FabGrandma but I think we can look too ;-)  Absolutely beautiful!  Spreadsheet update  JB kindly provided us a link to Daniel singingKITTY!!!!!  Welcome home Salem.  Beautiful shawl!  Keep PennyIA, and fuzzie's Lexi in your thoughts.  (Penny= hysterectomy and Lexi= fuzzie's ferret in chronic kidney failure)

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