Wednesday, June 8, 2011

CRR pages 212-261

I'm sorry I've been MIA guys!  Here's the CRR.

Please send thoughts and prayers to Vertigo and her family.  Is it a shawl?  Is it a Superman cape?  Don't you just love the versatility of knitting?  Beautiful scarves!  Let's hope and pray Lupingirl gets this house!  Congratulations LaLa for your blog being one of Lion Brand's top 5 favorites!  Recipes!  Beautiful yarn StarKnits!  Thanks Stacy for making me hungryWow and Cool is all I can say.
Check out FlyKytten's and naturallyknitty's May submissions.  Everyone please continue to keep WH in your thoughts and prayers!  WoolenHorse needs Canadians!!!  Mirror of Erised badge winner announced!!!  Please give JRF some emotional support! :-)  She has a toe!  Pretty yarn!  StarKnits shared the story of her engagement ring and the postal service...
PuppyGilderoy Lockhart on America's Got Talent?  Maybe.  BABY!!  What is it with all the bacon in sweet food?  KITTY!!!  (I like catsRomantic proposal?  You decide.  The Story of the Infamous Food Fight.  Pretty hatLUPINGIRL'S ENGAGED!!!!!  Pretty mitten.

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