Friday, March 11, 2011

This is where the update is... pgs 340-369

Just jumping in....  making it short and sweet.

YAY!!! more Gryffie babies! Danger. Beautiful design KnitWit! Completely cool way to use the old army pants. I know we have a few of those hanging around. Amypc shared with us, a photo of her new kitty. More Quilt goodness. CS checks in. Calling all 6th years and above. 3 words: Nutella Cheesecake Recipe. Cute baby! Jaji's got puppies. SLY would like you to sign up for a duel! Frog cards have started going up! New St. Mungo's challenge. CLMNJ is a grandma.and there's a photo! OUCH! FF give us the rundown of her weekend. sounds like a great one! Penny had a crazy weekend. DD shares her cute baby bump with us. Did you get this t-shirt from t-fury? I totally did! Beautiful knitting ADL! I love the mathy turn in Mom! Jaji  showed some of her spinning. it's lovely. I don't know how to core spin. I'm not even sure I know what that term means. FK is destashing if you're interested. Oh look at the art yarn NK spun. Congrats on the solo Jedi you're going to do awesome! The Int'l dateline challenge has started and rondaletts is asking us to cheer or help if we feel led.  DD is sharing photos of the baby to be.  and that should catch you up!

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