Wednesday, March 2, 2011

long long see pgs 304-339

So sorry about that. I can't believe it's been so long. Well i'm going to play catch up so lets go...

There's a sign up for the Int'l dateline challenge. The food fight was extended. Amypc has a yarn problem. (don't we all) but maybe you can help her out. Lupingirl shares a photo of herself, her mamma, her sister and her step-sister. What a lovely bunch of ladies! And a darling photo of her and her BF!!! Oh pretty Sparty! Oh look what school is turning TKJ into. NK's owl sweater that's for my sister may have a mix up on it but should she tell our non knitting sister? I think not. It looks great anyways.We have converted another one! Welcome Dragoncelt! PennyIA sums up how the chatter in the CR! best to be read at random, it makes it hilarious! Fake replacement sugars are bad. FF can do a crow pose. How about you? I can't even walk and talk at the same time. OKC can do some yoga too!
FlyKytten has her plan for march already. Fabgrandma you are totally awesome! FK could use some love an prayers sent her way. Going to school? need a knitting scholarship? Nice Cowl. Chris01 is learning how to crochet. Look it's a cute computer. Mauri needs some help choosing a project.That's a different dream you had there FF. Those are some awesome washcloths DD. See what fun the Owl Post can be?!? that is awesome. LLama! There's an awesome update from Knitwit. Ooops I think I got caught up reading I forgot to write over here... look more wedding photos. Look at that darling sweater. Oh look at the cute whale. Then March happened. and Here's a summary of the classes. And the list of plans starts here.... no here.... nope here: WH, AI, DD, TKJ, FK, CLMN, KQ, HW,
FK share's her St.Mungo's turn in. TKJ brough DRACO and a cake! Swoons and faints... just a little bit. Go click and  sign up for dueling. calling the 4th years. Now you 1st years pay attention. Vertigo would like some help. Oh stats! oh Won Won, you're such a cutie. YAY!!! Oh look rabbit! and Baby Owl Quilt. FG gives us the run down on Quilt prices. so if your SO is ever giving you a hard time about your yarn addiction please show him that. Sparty would like some ideas for a friend.
and the end of pgs 338 and 339 are why I shouldn't respond to people's posts while writing the CRR... sorry guys..
But you're caught up now... so go forth and knit.

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  1. Wow, that was a huge wrapup! And thank you for the shout out, what, at least 3 times? MWAH!