Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November Potions Ideas

Potions is a special class for us Gryffs, as it is taught by our very own Angiejude!

We are studying the Amortentia potion - the most powerful love potion in existence.

Love comes in different forms for different people, and this is our chance to explore some of those forms of love.  There is the love you have for your friends, for your family, for your children (if you have them), for your significant other, and most importantly the love you have for yourself.

Making something for any person that you love is encouraged this month, regardless of who they are, how long you have known them, or how close you are now.  But also remember, that it is also very important to not forget that you are important and loved too.

This can result in projects that range from simple to complex and everything in between.  A hat, a scarf, gloves, a sweater, a dice bag, a cell phone cozy.  Anything!  You are free to create anything you want for this class!

Angiejude's own description of what she is looking for is as follows:

Knitters/ crochetters:
  • Something that represents who/ what you love the most. It can be anything you love passionately: music, a place, an animal. Please elaborate what this item represents to you. or
  • An item for a loved one. Something this person is going to enjoy and love. or
  • Something with spirals.
- Spin your interpretation of Amortentia. What color is it? How do you see it? Why? or - Spin yarn inspired by someone/ something you love.

No sewing projects.
No jewelry- unless it’s crocheted or knitted.

Bonus points will be given to those who tell me what your Amortentia smells like, cheesy love stories, be as romantic as you can… If you post a picture of the object/ person/ place, etc. that inspired your item, you also get bonus points.

Happy crafting!

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