Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Harry Potter Cocktails!!!

Ok guys, here is our list of HP related cocktail ideas. Leave a comment, PM, or earburn if you have any to add!! And of course, if you try one, give us a review and pics!!

Here is our current list:

Hogsmeade Iced Tea
Tom Riddle
Slytherin Midori
Bloody Malfoy
Lion's Roar
Red Weasley (Red Headed Weasley)
Harry Wallbanger
Sunrise of the Phoenix
Bee's Knees inspired Hufflepuff Daiquiri
Screaming Eagle
White Bulgarian
Fleur's White Wine Spritzer
Fire Whiskey
The Lucius Malfoy
Dumbledore's Lemon Drop
Phoenix Rising
The Dark Mark
Murder in the Forest

1 comment:

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