Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November DADA Ideas

This month is an in-depth look into Professor Quirrell and his struggle to conceal the Dark Lord when he was fused to the back of his skull.

If you were in the same position, what hat or head covering would you wear to cover up Lord Voldemort?

Any hat of your choice will suffice, but you are encouraged to make it unique and make it you.  Some types of hats include beanies, berets, cowls, ski masks/balaclava, the sky is the limit!  Bonus points will be given for House Colors, making the professor laugh, or including the face of Voldemort on the inside of the hat (by embroidering, knitting, or crocheting it into the hat).

Now, keep in mind that Scarlettb is the professor, and she has a severe dislike of fish.  While people have turned in the Fish Hat in both September and October for her classes, she is not a fan.  But, you could always be the next one in the "Let's Torture Scarlett" Fan Club.

Happy knitting!

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  1. Adding to what Jedi Meg said:

    Personally, if I had to hide Voldemort's face, I would do it under a cute bunny hat.

    Keep in mind that you don't need to make a hat. You could put a bandanna on your head, a knitted box on your head, et cetera.