Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's all about Wool! Episode 28

Mojo/No Mojo:
 traveling scarf! Vertigo1414’s...just gotta send it out! 

Cardio Monster '
spidey balaclava 

secret traveling shawl.
NEWT~ Sheep to sweater. 
Washed up a bunch of the fiber... carded 5 batts... 8oz 
dirty wool/water

clean and drying...

5 rough carded batts ready to dye!


 To spin or not to spin: 

Finished the Grey 
the Mash up yarn! 
Egg Dye Stripey recarded some wool carded some brown wool

 Katie’s yarn aka burning embers 934 yds total 

 dyed and carded up rainbow batts... spinning now... only 3 oz i think. (testing my newt fiber) 

carded up...

carded into a "rainbow batt"

dizzed off into one long roving~!

 Wrock Song: 
 Potter and the Lightning Bolts- Take Me Away 

 The Weasley Sisters podcast thread 
 kookaburra wool scour

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