Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Class Round-up

Classes have been posted for May! Whatever your crafting interests may be, there are challenges for everyone to attempt this term. Lets do our best to turn in at least one project a month, and bring the House Cup home to Gryffindor!!

The classes for May:

1. Practice conjuring your corporeal Patronus and craft something that evokes it.
2. Craft something you could hang on a hook.

1. Craft something which may be used for or represent a future career.
2. Show us something that you can be a bit fanatical about.
3. Challenge an intolerance.

1. Craft something related to a potential use of The Draught of Living Death and/or Wiggenweld potion.
2.The Draught of Living Death is a complicated potion. Study the recipe and craft something that represents one or more ingredient, potion stage, instruction, and/or piece of equipment.

1. Craft something you wouldn't normally make.
2.  Spin some yarn out of a fiber you normally do not work with or in a color you don’t normally gravitate towards or spin in a technique you don’t normally use, i.e., long draw as opposed to your normal go-to of worsted spin or Turkish spindle as opposed to drop spindle.
3. Dye some yarn or fiber with a type of dye that you don’t normally use or in a color that you don’t normally gravitate towards.

History of Magic
1.Make something epically huge or epically tiny, or intricate and complex.
2. Craft something using your second-choice materials.
3.  Take another run at a project that failed in the past.

1. Explore bast fibers such as hemp. Bast fibers come from the inner bark of many types of plants.
2. Craft using the noble art of macrame.

1. Craft something to keep a werewolf in check or to soothe the werewolf so he retains his human sanity OR explore the duality of the werewolf by crafting something with a dual purpose or comprised of TWO different things. The key for this option is TWO.

Craft a fish or flower, or something with a fish or flower motif.

Harry Potter Dog
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  1. thank you! always good to have a good summary to refer to all term long! - AmyPC